Baby Rissa Runs Away!

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Auntie Venom punished Baby Rissa and broke poor little heart!
so she packed her little suitcase and gathered up her favorite teddy bear and set out to see the world!
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The Virginia Outfit includes the hat, dress and shoes. It’s made for TD and Badseed Babies.
Available in 2 prints.
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Hug Me in Fall is brand new by Tm Creation and available now at the LOOK Event.  It’s available in PG and Adult versions.  This lovely Autumn Scene includes the hay cart, blankets, basket with apples, apples, plants, trunk, bushes, and ground leaves.
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Traveling is a 2-person pose set that comes wtih the suitcase and teddy bear.

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Baby Rissa is wearing:
Virginia Outfit by Baby Ghee  (now at the main-store!!)
Hair: A Perfect Mess by Magika
Badseed Body & Head
Decor Information:
Hug Me in Fall Scene by Tm Creation (currently available at the LOOK Event)
Photography Information:
Pose: Traveling by p.o.s.e. 
Photography by Rissa Bolissima

Baby Ghee
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

Bad Seed
Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

Tm Creation

LOOK Event

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