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“I could be your bassline, you could be my drum
Only as long as I think you are fun
Pretty boy, come over here and get you some”

Sierra Hair – Magika
Aoi Skin – Mudskin @ Neo-Japan
Essential Eyeliners – Suicidal Unborn
Aura Eyes – Suicidal Unborn @ Anthem
Bella Lips – IDTTY
Rebel Ears – Pumec
Strange Face 1 – Genus Project
Legacy Body
Rayne Collar – The Forge
Sacred Tattoo – Dappa @ Access
Pinella Top – Meva @ Access
Midnight Desire Pose – DiversionBelle

Tiger King Bed – Violetility @ FameshedX

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#Deco. 「 Si tú Existieras 」

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