Bathed In Sunlight

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Bathed In Sunlight

Featuring {Why Not?}

So let me ask?  Do you have a bathroom in your Second Life house?  My hubby always thought they were a waste of space but I always had one anyway (and sometimes a laundry room which really drove him mad).  I love a nice hot bath from time to time the house we bought last summer has a huge jetted tub and I have put it to use more than a few times this winter.

I am featuring the new Balvarran Vintage Bathroom from {Why Not?} and it’s a complete set.  In fact, everything you see except for the curtains and light is included in the set. Check the credits for the full list of what is included and stop by the mainstore to see it in person and check out some other great new releases while you are there.  Happy Friday!



{Why Not?}

Balvarran Vintage Bathroom includes:
Bath & Shower
Bathroom Sink
Mirrored Wall Cabinet
Bathroom Chair
Towel Cabinet
Floor Mirror
Bathroom Rug
Messy Floor Towel
Bathroom Potted Plant
Bath Towel
Hand Towel
Toilet Roll Holder
Wall Art B
Wall Art A (not shown)

MudHoney – Relaxed Shades

Elm – Clarissa Curtains

Kalopsia – Cleo Art Deco Lamp

Scarlet Creative – Anya House

Bathtub Soaking Tune

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

Bathed In Sunlight

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