AviStar ♕ Nepal’s formal was styled with the imag […]
AviStar ♕ Nepal is now a Parisian traveler. She is exci […]
AviStar♛Nepal’s The Title Challenge was inspired […]
Freebies: Top| Baiastice – Lilly Mini Top (All Co […]
Rehana got inspiration from Harajuku’s pop fashio […]
AviStar ♛ Nepal – Rehana Seljan は、2019年8月17日(土)「MISS SL […]
 Spent the morning roaming around shopping sims, events and even Gacha fleamarket! Fell in love with this cute outfit from Zenith, which is a gacha at Kustom9. Got lucky and got the rare my first try. I was planning to play it three times as I usu...
Photo taken by Petr Denis⚜On Saturday, July 27, 2019, we had the 1st Runway Challenge for the AviStars 2019 Pageant.For this challenge, the Tweens and YoungStars were instructed to style an outfit inspired by their favorite anime character. The AviStar...
Gown : Azul – RILEY – Pearl Crown : Chop Zuey – The Royal Crysalis Tiara of MVW Necklace : Chop Zuey – Salvator Mundi
Gown : Azul – RILEY – Iolite Hair ornament : Air – Kakei – Mauve + Gold Location : ChouChou
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