-. SCENE & FUNITURE .-CHEZ MOI RacketsCHEZ MOI Ping Pong Table (Adult)Granola. Farah Bird Of Paradise Planter. @Equal 10 Event New!<K&S Creations> - // carpet<K&S Creations> - // desk...
 Decoration.    https://wp.me/p6FZ18-jd Nutmeg Lavish Set @ Shiny Shabby ✅. | Nutmeg Lavish Lounge Chaise ✅. | Nutmeg Lavish Lounge Pearls ✅. | Nutmeg Lavish Lounge Table Natural ✅. | Nutmeg Lavish Lounge Teapot Floral ✅. | Nutmeg Lavish Lounge Candle ✅. | Nutmeg Lavish Lounge Keys ✅. | Nutmeg Lavish Lounge Purse ✅. | …

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Featuring Soul2Soul and Sway’s So this amazing thing happened the other day and this photo is the result.  I am now a blogger for Soul2Soul!  You may recognize the name as they have some of the most beautiful regions across the grid.  I have visited, explored and taken photos there on more than one occasion. … Continue reading Kaleidoscope of Beauty
The Fishtopia Gacha Collection by Horntail can be found at the main-store! Items have been tested with Maitreya, Freya, Jake and Geralt, but will probably work with any type of humanoid/biped mesh body.Play the gacha, to win your favorites of 20 common...
Featuring {Old Barn Door} Rise and shine everyone!  The beach awaits….at least in Second Life.  Myself, I would still be steering clear of any beaches if I lived near one.  In Second Life though we have a wide selection of beautiful beaches to choose from.  In fact we have a wide selection of several beautiful… Continue reading Hot Fun In The Summertime
first floor attic Dutchie Dutchie Cafe, new release! All info The cafe comes in a unfurnished and a fully furnished version. With the Red brick Cafe building I used items from the Furnished set: Awning, Chalkboard bar price list, Cafe table set, Corner stage and stage lights, Toilet and sink, Art deco bar lights, Mid-century […]
  Dutchie Dutchie Cafe, new release! All info The Cafe comes in an unfurnished and a fully furnished version I will do two blog posts, this first one featuring the building itself, so more outside pictures with the Red brick Cafe building. The next post I will focus on interior and decorating This is an […]
Featuring DaD Virtual Living I may be just a foolish dreamer But I don’t care ‘Cause I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere I’m searching for that silver lining Horizons that I’ve never seen Oh, I’d like to take just a moment and dream my dream Ohhh, dream my dream Oh, oh, Zoom… Continue reading Searching For That Silver Lining
  The Arcade is in its last days for this month so I wanted to show you some of the items I got there, combined with the new 8f8 items from Uber Anc Floating flower, for Uber! Escape gacha Ruin and fence (rare), Table, Chair, for The Arcade Ayla Homegrown gacha Birdhouse lamp, for The […]
Featuring Serenity Style and The Little Branch “Your room is almost ready and in the meantime please enjoy some refreshments in the lobby”.  Those words would be music to my ears right about now.  Usually (99% of the time), when I start a photo I have a very good idea of what the scene I… Continue reading Refreshments In The Lobby
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