. on me Doux Valentina, for Dubai Event SL Erratic Kim holiday edition sweater Neve Jams Pants, for Uber Amitie Make a wish couples pose (attachement used), for Uber . decor 8f8 Retracing joy gacha Pillow tree (rare), Gourmet essentials, Knitting essentials, Sewing essentials, Play essentials, Magic essentials, Decorating essentials, for The Epiphany, Blamps (groupgift) […]
Decoration.  https://wp.me/p6FZ18-os HISA stuff: ✅. | HISA Pine View Cabin @ Tres Chic   Little Branch stuff: ✅. | Little Branch NorwaySpruce Tree @ Uber  ✅. | Little Branch StreetBanyan Tree @ Mancave ✅. | Little Branch CrispyGrass soft @ Mainstore   Decoration: ✅. | Raindale Everjoy street light red ✅. | +Half-Deer+ Warm &Sigue leyendo "#Deco. 「 The Magic of Christmas Time ❄️ 」"
Featuring DaD Virtual Living, Serenity Style and KOPFKINO Christmas may be over but we have a whole lot of winter left.  Thinking about a title for this photo all I needed to do was look up from my desk and take notice of the sunlight streaming through the window.  It is certainly sunny and bright… Continue reading In The Cold Light Of Day
Featuring Shutter Field and Lucas Lameth The title says it all…soup is always a good idea and especially on a cold winter’s day. I make a lot of soups during the winter and recently tried a new one in the Insta-Pot.  I also made made some bread and my whole house smelled wonderful.  My favorite… Continue reading Soup Is Always A Good Idea
Featuring {Old Barn Door}, Shutter Field, Sway’s and {What Next} I have to admit I really miss having a live Christmas tree but as I have gotten older it has just gotten a lot easier to handle an artificial tree.  I can put it up all by myself whenever the mood strikes and mine is… Continue reading Pick Your Perfect Pine
Featuring KOPFKINO, Serenity Style, The Little Branch, .peaches., DaD Virtual Living and |T|L|C| Home Collection For those of you who don’t have any idea what the Cleveland Street reference pertains to, it is from the movie The Christmas Story.  Cleveland Street is where Ralphie, the main character, lives with his parents and brother.  I imagine… Continue reading Somewhere On Cleveland Street
Textures just didn’t rezz all together: when the building rezzed, the curtains got blurry, when the curtains rezzed the rugs got blurry, etc etc etc, I been trying a whole day and whatever I tried to fix in settings, it didn’t work, it’s just my pc I gues, so not such perfect pictures but I […]
                                                           Etérea  It is a sim dedicate...
Decoration.  https://wp.me/p6FZ18-p1 ✅. | Serenity Style LiZu barnyard  Stall ✅. | DaD “Les Memoires Christmas Tree with basket” ✅. | *LODE* Decor Mistletoe Branch ✅. | *LODE* Accessory – Pine Branch @ Shiny Shabby   THOR Set Stay Cozy Vol II @kustom9 ✅. | THOR Castiron Woodburner ✅. | THOR Painted Country Chair ✅. | …
Featuring Soul2Soul, Lucas Lameth and MudHoney I love the warm and inviting look of this kitchen.  Simple design with just a touch of rustic Christmas and a big pot of warm chili.  Let’s not forget the furbabies who will be ready to cuddle up with you for a nice nap after dinner. My featured items… Continue reading Warm & Inviting