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Hair: Vango - KeithSkin & Shape: STRAY DOG - JOAQUIN - CATWA -TMD
Hair: Stealthic Sultry ( @ Collab88) Outfit (On Legacy Body): :oushk Claudia Bra & Panties White ( @ Belle Event) Accessory: The Horror! Princess Collar Pose: GingerFish Sultry Backdrop: FOXCITY Rose Bathroom
Fuck, I'm lonely, I'm lonely, I'm lonely asFuck, come hold me, come hold me, come hold meIt's been me, myself and why did you go, did you go?Oh fuck, I'm lonely, I'm lonely, I'm lonely lonely"Genus Hairbase 04 - Tableau VivantGaia Skin (Blue) - So...
[ Flickr ] 先日6DOOさんのBENTOヘッドが続々アップデートされ、Bake on Mesh(BoM)対応になりました!今後アプライヤーでのメイク等レイヤーシステムを撤廃する方向で作業されていると聞き、これは […]
The Inori Outfit is brand new by HORNTAIL and available now at The Crystal Heart Festival. Play the Gacha to win your favorites. There are 6 color sets to choose from!⚜ Credits ⚜Inori Outfit by HORNTAIL (currently at The Crystal Heart Festival)Hai...
War in my mind There’s a war in my mind Seek and ye shall find That it’s hollering all the time There’s a war in my mind Black in my soul It’s all black in my soul No diamond in the coal I reap just what I sow It’s all black in my soul It’s […]
Black Cats poses - Mermaids [CX] Osseous Species Eyes exclusive Anthem[CX] / [CntrpN] Clam Yo Tits https://www.facebook.com/laratomasso.hernandez http://www.flickr.com/photos/lara_tomasso  SIGUE LAS NOVEDADES EN NUESTRO GR...
I have been sitting on this topic for a while…watching while one person after the other talks about the downside of a blogger management tool called Blogotex. How it stifles creativity, how it tempts bloggers to take more items than what they can blog, how it’s anti-social, and so on. There are content creators who … Continue reading Blogotex – the big bad wolf in Second Life blogging…or is it?
When all is said and done Tell me how to write this Tell me how to fight this war I’ll keep marching on Like a broken robot Money back guarantee I’m in your custody But I’m not a criminal, I can be your next big thing Look at what I’ve become Silly little monster Should’ve […]