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Featuring Aleutia

Well, they say all good things must come to an end and so this is going to be my very last blog post!  (Insert lonnnnnnnnggggggggggg pause here.)  GOTCHA!  April fools!  My daughter and I have a long history of trying to catch each other with a great April Fool’s joke but after several years we have both learned to be on the watch for a one of our usually silly pranks.  I do love when I am able to pull off a great one though.

I was a dock manager for a large department store a few years back and my crew was mostly male.  As they were unloading a delivery truck I very casually stepped inside, pretending to want to inspect some of the contents and then in my very best shrill girly voice screamed SNAKE!  You should have seen them scatter!  I nearly wet myself and could barely get out the words “April Fool’s” from laughing.  We all talked and laughed about that for a long time!  They were a great crew, mostly college students, and I hope they are all doing great things!

And so for the record…I ain’t going nowhere! LOL

My featured item today is this super cute halter from Aleutia.  For me it has a total 70’s vibe to it…and I should know…I was there!  The Thyme Top comes in 16 colors, 4 mini packs and of course a fatpack with bonus colors.  Each color includes the top in 2 opacities, including single colors.  You can find Thyme at Uber!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Miyeon

Top –  [Aleutia]  – Thyme Top @ Uber

Pants – RKKN – Ivy’s Jeans & Undies

Earrings – Enchante’ – Fruit Delight – Pineapple

Nails – e.marie – Nude/Mood Vibrant


Stun Poses  – Madeline – Pose 5


London For Ara

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