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. Decoration.  https://wp.me/p6FZ18-iC

tarte x Elm Set Office @ c88

tarte curtain @ N.21

✅. | tarte. ruffle bottom curtain floral

✅. | tarte. x Elm. isabelle desk white

✅. | tarte. x Elm. isabelle chair white blanket

✅. | tarte. x Elm. office laptop

✅. | tarte. x Elm. task lamp

✅. | tarte. x Elm. retro clock

✅. | tarte. x Elm. isabelle shelving unit white

✅. | tarte. x Elm. document holder

✅. | tarte. x Elm. horizontal frame

✅. | tarte. x Elm. vase of roses

✅. | tarte. x Elm. storage boxes

✅. | tarte. x Elm. vertical frame

✅. | tarte. x Elm. lipstick holder

✅. | tarte. x Elm. office candle

✅. | tarte. x Elm. marble phone holder

✅. |tarte. x Elm. hourglass

✅. | tarte. x Elm. inspiration board

✅. | tarte. x Elm. devil’s ivy

✅. | tarte. x Elm. sketchbook & glasses

✅. | tarte. x Elm. laptop mouse

✅. | tarte. x Elm. jar of incense

✅. | tarte. x Elm. pink & gold globe

additional stuff: 

✅. | hive fluffy heart rug pink

✅. | +Half-Deer+ Pomeranian Lay Husky

✅. | +Half-Deer+ Giant Bear Hug Plush Pink Heart Deco

✅. | +Half-Deer+ Sugar Crush Bunny Creampuffs

✅. | [ keke ] heart balloon valentine blush

✅. | +Half-Deer+ Giant Bear Hug Plush Pink Heart

✅. | +Half-Deer+ Sugar Crush Strawberry Heart Box

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