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Featuring Refuge, DaD Virtual Living and Barley Home & Decor

Here we are!  Welcome to 2020!  I hope you all had a great Christmas and brought the New Year in with a bang!  I took a little blogging break to celebrate the holidays and am starting to ease back into my routine.

My bonus son is still in high school so his visit has lasted a little longer but he will be flying home on Saturday and my hubby and I will be empty nesters again.  It’s been great but I need to get back to my usual routine.  There have been a lot of late nights and I end up napping the next day, something I don’t usually do.

I was anxious to end my “vacation” in Blogotex so I could see all the great new things the Second Life creators have been busy creating.  It was no surprise to find a lot of beauty and creativity so lets get right to it!

I am blogging the new Nolan Living Set from DaD Virtual Living.  The set includes the sofa, armchair and a pouf (stack of floor pillows).  It comes in Adult and Pg versions and includes a mix and match texture hud.  The Nolan set is currently available at Uber.

The coffee table and sheet music lantern are from Refuge and are part of the Industrial Christmas set.  The set includes a bench that, regrettably, I did not get a chance to post before Christmas.  The bench has a couple of throw pillows that could easily be modded to change the Santa face and “Merry Christmas” text to something you could use all year.

Rounding out my featured items is the San Francisco Trunk from Barley Home & Decor.  I love its vintage feel and the texture is just beautiful and so realistic.  It’s a great piece that will work with multiple decor styles.  It is currently available at Shiny Shabby.



DaD Virtual Living

Nolan Living Set @ Uber
Nolan Sofa
Nolan Armchair
Nolan Pouf

Industrial Christmas Table
Sheet Music Lantern

Barley Home & DecorSan Francisco Trunk @ Shiny Shabby
*Decor not included*

Apple Fall – Industrial Lamp w/Extender

Barnesworth AnubisHoneycomb Rug

Fancy Decor

Julian Wine Rack
Julian Shaker
Julian Ice Bucket


Books – Leaning Random
Books – Food & Happiness
Books – Advice
Bell String

FAYDED – Sky Fire

GET STUFF – Cigar Box

{Old Barn Door} – Red Wine (included with Farmhouse Dining Set)

Dust Bunny – Fiddle Leaf Tree

ATOMIC – Loft Skybox

*Other item by Pixel Mode no longer available*

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