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Loving all the winter sweaters coming out at events lately. They are just adorable, makes me wonder if they are catering more towards us teens now? hehe This one is a big comfy one out now at Kustom9 by Tentacio from their Winter Bunny Gacha. I got the cute bunny tennis from the same gacha too! My hair is from Ayashi which is out now at Okinawa Winter Festival, I couldn’t resist the lil neko print on the hat cause cats! I paired this up with some white leggings and cuteness ensued…♥ Aly

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nekoyami  Hair at Okinawa Winter Festival

Hoodie: Tentacio Winter Bunny Oversize Hoodie at Kustom9 Dec 2017

Pants: [ west end ] – Sunggle Up Leggings (Maitreya Exclusive) on Marketplace

Shoes: Tentacio Winter Bunny Bunny Sneakers at Kutom9 Dec 2017

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