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Winter Spirit items

Beautiful Dirty Rich Warming up Sweater dress, for Winter Spirit! thank you Cameron ❤

Escalated Wisteria hair, for Winter Spirit! thank you Dolphin ❤

Fashiowl Winter Wonderland Pose (truck with poses), for Winter Spirit! thank you Goi ❤

Secret Poses Learning Iceskating #1, edited, for Winter Spirit! thank you Daniellee ❤

for all event info see

Winter Spirit


other outfit items 

Maitreya Footless tights in chocolat

Skates, free at ice skating rink @ Tannenbaum


other decor items

Apple Fall Happy Santa Hot cocoa station

Black Bantam Baby girl gacha Baby girl pink beanie 2

Half Deer Christmas tree set traditional Garland, for Tannebaum

Refuge Sledge with countdown to Christmas, for Tannenbaum! thank you Isuel ❤

Ayla Christmas corner set Suitcase with treats, for Tannenbaum

Ionic Snowy mice #2, Vintage ice skates chair, Winter tea bags

Keke Hard to find cream and sugar

8f8 The Sweetest Spot gacha Muffins to eat

Random Matter Cafe Hours gacha Coffee Bags, for The Epiphany

Scarlet Creative Summer dining Chair

*red plaid on chair is added, forgot where from

Indolent Rustic food stand

Balaclava Adlie friends gacha Sweater penguin, Reindeer penguin

Culprit Skater penguin festive

Minimal Winter streetlight

Madpea My Helsinky gacha Pier Stairs

Soy Snow covered rocks

Thor Festive Bicycle green


Winter Spirit 1024

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