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On Saturday, October 26th we had the 2nd Runway Challenge for the MR SL 2020 Pageant, and as usual, it did not disappoint! For this challenge, the contestants were instructed to choose a fictional character from filmography or literature, who is known to be evil, cruel or psychologically deranged. They were further asked to refrain from ‘off the rack’ but to instead style by using mix and match from different designers to create their own original and unique look.
The 3rd Runway Challenge for the MR SL 2020 Pageant is scheduled for November 16 at 10am SLT, and as always, be sure to follow MISS SL Organization to stay informed on all upcoming shows and events. You won’t be sorry you did!
For this spooktakular show, the Grave Dress by Giz Seorn was perfect, along with the creepy spiders crawling over my chest and face. Both of these items are available at the Giz Seorn main store, along with a few other special edition Halloween items. It’s worth checking out for sure!
There’s a few days left of Trick or Treat Lane, and if you haven’t gone yet, you’ll want to go soon for sure! The eerie creepy awesome Swampon Statue by Lilith’s Den is one of the many great things available there and is the perfect thing to add to a creepy grave yard or swamp or forest, heck, add it anywhere and really creep people out! It’s fun!
And you’ll also want the Paper Bats by Paper Moon, which are also available at Trick or Treat Lane. They’re low prim and look amazing, with several colors to choose from, not to mention all the cluster options and such too! These bats are amazing any time of year!

Photo taken by Petr Denis during the show – Rissa and I were Good Witch & Bad Witch!

🦇 Style Details 🦇
Dress: Grave (Halloween Special) by Giz Seorn SLURL
Bugs: Spiders (Halloween Special) by Giz Seorn SLURL
Hair: The Wicked Hair (Gacha Item) by Olive SLURL
Bats: Paper Bats (Trick or Treat Lane) by Paper Moon Event SLURL
Demon Statue: Swampon (Trick or Treat Lane) by Lilith’s Den Event SLURL
Pose: The Awks Series by an lar Poses MP Store
Location: Rissa & Venom’s Home

For full challenge details, please visit the following link.


🦇 MISS SL Organization 🦇
🦇 Giz Seorn 🦇
🦇 Dark Passions Events – Trick or Treat Lane 🦇
Runs October 4, 2019 – November 1, 2019

ღ VZ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

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