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Featuring Vinyl, AX Poses and *Dench Designs*

Gosh!  December in Second Life is a bloggers paradise….at least it is to me.  There are beautiful things popping up all over and seeing them fills my head with a jumble of ideas on scenes I would like to shoot.  Obviously there will not be enough time to do them all but I am certain there will be days where I am posting twice a day.

Let’s start with Vinyl!  This is a previous release that was re-released with an update to include a fit for the Legacy body.  Were you lucky enough to catch it on sale?  Lucky you.  Depending on when I get this post published it may still be on sale.  Go take a peek!  The mainstore is full of goodness!  

Next up is this lovely pose from AX Poses.  The name of the pose is Beautiful and it is exactly that.  Beautiful and so gentle and peaceful.  You can find this pose and other great choices from AX Poses at Pose Fair – Winter Holiday which opens TOMORROW!!

Moving right along to my beautiful winter fountain.  It is from Dench Designs and is available at the SL Christmas Expo which opened yesterday.  Clicking the fountain will give you some add on options such as snowdrop flowers, bushes, birds, a pheasant and even a squirrel.  You can show them all or just the ones you choose.

This years SL Christmas Expo is the largest one so far and in addition to all the shopping, there is entertainment, raffles, fashion shows, pictures with Santa, a hunt AND the SL Christmas Expo has teamed up with Linden Lab to reveal the 4th edition of new Linden homes.  Most importantly, the expo and the creators involved are helping to support the American Cancer Society.  This year the fundraising will help provide virtual reality headsets to children undergoing treatment for cancer.  Please, please join them!  Show some love to this event and have a great time while you are there!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Wasabi – Zoya @ The Arcade

Cardigan/Dress – Vinyl – Snowball Cardigan/Dress

Boots – HashTag– Sweater Weather Uggies

Earrings- Vanilla Bae – Flake Earrings


Botanical – Douglas Fir

Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods

*Dench Designs* – The Ice Fountain @ SL Christmas Expo


AX Poses – Beautiful @ Pose Fair Winter Holiday (opens December 7th)

Gentle Winter

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