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“Blameless I’ll shatter through the glare

Make it, take it, they won’t share

I can’t fake it, I’ll just make it on my own”

Sultry Hair – Stealthic @ Collabor88
Ramifications (Ears & Horns)  – Glutz @ The Ark
Delina Skin – Pink Fuel
Ellie 2 Eyeliner – Arise
Jelly Eyes – Heaux
Hurt Tattoo – Heaux
Juicy Lip Gloss – Heaux
Baby Face – Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Faithful Pet Collar – Short Leash @  The Ark
Hera Top – AsteroidBox @ Anthem
TNT Pose – Space Cadet
Seol Photo Scene Backdrop – Kraftwork

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