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Featuring Avec Toi

Funny story…at least to me and my daughter.  Usually naming a photo/blogpost comes easy to me…this one was harder.  I’m not sure why but everything I was coming up with I just didn’t like.  I was thinking of titles with the word desert, heat, sun and I was just drawing a blank. 

As you know I am a Disney fan and my daughter is as well.  Tomorrow she is headed on vacation to Disney World for a week so of course we have been talking about her plans.  The subject of Toy Story came up and that led me to thinking about Woody, which led me to thinking of one of my daughters favorite childhood toys, her talking Woody.  That then led to me remembering all of the funny phrases Woody would say.  As we continued to talk, I looked back at my picture on the computer screen and the perfect title came to me courtesy of Woody….”There’s a snake in my boot”.  Now clearly there is not a snake in my boot…my boot IS the snake.  Ok, so you probably had to be there.  laughs  In the end I decided to go with simplicity but I sure had a good laugh out of it all.

Today I am featuring some new releases from Avec Toi, the Ribbed Mockneck, Python Mini Skirt and Runaways Boots.  All pieces are sold separately in mini packs or fatpacks which include bonus content.  You can find this set at Uber.  Happy Monday!

*Note – I am wearing Maitreya Petite in this photo.*


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Eyes – Avi-Glam – Heartbreaker Eyes – Ice

Hair – Wasabi  – Nyx @ Uber

Top – Avec Toi  – Ribbed Mockneck @ Uber

Skirt – Avec Toi  – Python Mini Skirt @ Uber

Boots – Avec Toi  – Runaways Boots @ Uber

Ring – Meva – Chantal Bento Rings


Stun Poses – Sailor – Pose 4


Copper River

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