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The other day I wrote about how nice it would be to have an actual dressing room, but the truth of the matter is that if I had a room to space it would most definitely be a home office.. The scene below epitomizes what I’d ultimately love to have. Some shelves with some of my favorite necessities nearby, some soft lighting, some plants, and a comfortable place to sit and read…or more accurately a luxurious cat bed. laughs Lucky for me, I can have as many places like this in Second Life as my prim allowance lets me!

tarte elm

Elm. Eira Apartment

Elm. Amelie Chaise Lounge @ Cupid Inc

BackBone Neon Cats – Hello

tarte. x Elm. isabelle home office @ Collabor88
tarte. x Elm. lipstick holder
tarte. x Elm. devil’s ivy
tarte. x Elm. document holder
tarte. x Elm. scattered nail polish
tarte. x Elm. jewelry dish
tarte. x Elm. isabelle shelving unit (white)
tarte. x Elm. task lamp
tarte. x Elm. inspiration board
tarte. x Elm. string of pearls
tarte. x Elm. hourglass
tarte. x Elm. office laptop (demo)
tarte. x Elm. storage boxes
tarte. x Elm. marble phone holder
tarte. x Elm. jar of incense
tarte. x Elm. sketchbook & glasses
tarte. x Elm. laptop mouse
tarte. x Elm. isabelle chair – PG
tarte. x Elm. vertical frame
tarte. x Elm. horizontal frame
tarte. x Elm. pink & gold globe
tarte. x Elm. isabelle desk (white)
tarte. x Elm. retro clock
tarte. x Elm. office candle
tarte. x Elm. office books

dust bunny . hanging plants . spider planter
dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter
dust bunny . pilea peper plant
dust bunny . pink medinilla plant
dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant

hive // macrame hanging plant . stone

{moss&mink} Bottled Flowers – White
{moss&mink} Ruffle Curtains
{moss&mink} Kira Lantern

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