It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

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It Ain't Over Til It's Over

Featuring The Little Branch and Why Not?

So I was thinking the other day…dangerous I know…but I was thinking about all of the Second Life residents that live on the beautiful beaches of Second Life.  I mean there is no Autumn at the beach, certainly not the true reds, oranges and yellows of Fall.  Most of the time I prefer to live on a beach in Second Life except for a month or so during the winter and Christmas season…then I need woods and snow.

It was a great coincidence that I actually received a couple of things to blog that were perfect for a tropical Fall.  One was the Fortrose Gacha set from Why Not? and the other was the beautiful Croton Plants from The Little Branch.

The Croton plants are perfect for a tropical fall as their leaves are dappled with shades of yellow and orange.  If you live on the beach and want to change it up for Fall these are perfect.  You can resize them to be used as plants or increase the size and you have trees. The pack comes with some great animated grass as well.  It is available now at Cosmopolitan.

The Fortrose Gacha set is currently at GachaLand and is loaded with pieces.  I couldn’t fit everything in here but all of the pieces combined make a full outdoor seating area with a tropical feel. There is a pergola, chairs, sofa, rugs, tables, flower boxes, flower arrangements, potted plants…just loaded with goodies.  There is also a free gift and an exclusive item.

So…do you live on a beach?  Have Linden to spend but don’t need traditional Fall items?  Don’t miss out on any of these great items then…..because on the beach, summer ain’t over til it’s over!



The Little Branch

Croton Plant @ Cosmopolitan

Why Not?

Fortrose Pergola Gacha Set (Gacha Key below) @ GachaLand

Fortrose Pergola
Trellis B
Planter Back B
Planter Back C
Ceiling Fan
Patio Chair
Monstera Plant
Yucca Plant
Side Table
Open Magazines
Table Plant


Poolside Pillow Palm
Poolside Pillow Sun

{Old Barn Door}

Mason Jar Lemonade (inc. w/ Harvest Bench Set)


Toronto Lemon Basket (inc. w/ Toronto Kitchen)

{What Next}

Camber Coffee Table


Clarissa Curtain

Studio Skye

Beach Dune


Lenny Kravitz – It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Why Not-B.png

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