It might get messy

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So, lots of things happened while I was not writing. I had stopped writing, because it was making me feel exceptionally vulnerable and that’s not a feeling I really enjoy. Then I was dating someone that I really thought I liked, but found out he NEVER read my blog. I remember thinking, “Wouldn’t you want to know what’s on my mind? Wouldn’t you want to support my endeavors?” Apparently not. So, I was sitting there feeling like nothing I had to say mattered. That wasn’t the only reason we didn’t work out, but it certainly didn’t help. Hell, I could say his name and unless one of my readers told him that I mentioned him….he’s never know! Then I started talking to another guy and really thought he was special (he wasn’t). I told him about my blog and how it was a great view into my crazy head and he flat out said he didn’t have time for such things. REALLY?!?!? Clearer my man picker is broken. Needless to say I quit everything. I quit writing. I quit dating. I almost gave up blogging. I cut way back on my obligations and withdrew. Things in real life had taken a difficult turn and Second Life was no longer the safe haven it once had been.
In the coming posts, I’ll probably share some of the highlights (or rather lowlights) of the past few months (almost the year) and with them being past, I can also share some of the lessons I learned. Since, my blog has always been therapeutic for me….I can only imagine the level of emotional vomit that will be written. So, grab the paper towels and the clorox wipes…its about to get messy!

It might get messy

[monso] Lalisa Hair – Mid Option
LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.0
[Glam Affair] Lelutka Applier – Arlet @ Uber
[LEGACY] Meshbody (f) (1.2)

.Safira. Hirai Shirt (Legacy)@ Uber
.Safira. Hirai Jean (Legacy)@ Uber
.Safira. Hirai Boots (Legacy)@ Uber

pose: Ana Poses – Lucerne @ Shiny Shabby
location: Paris City

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