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Kitty Love

Featuring Lyrium and CandyDoll

I’m an animal lover…cats, dogs, guinea pigs…I’ve plenty of those throughout my life.  A fellow blogger (and someone I like to think is a friend also but you know some of us bloggers keep to our platforms and I am one of those but still…I call her a friend) posted on Facebook about her beloved dog who is elderly and was not doing so great.  She was very upset and and you could feel the emotion in her words.  It brought back a lot of memories about previous pet I had lost and though I didn’t know the right words to say, I completely knew how she was feeling.

My last cat, Allura, I had for 17 years and was just devastated when I lost her….so much so that I haven’t had a cat since and that was, least 10 years ago.  I remember crying and wondering why we do this to ourselves, getting pets, loving them as they become members of the family and then losing them.  After the initial grief we do remember why we do that to ourselves.  It’s because they make our lives better in so many ways and to me they are like my children, truly.  While I can’t have a cat now (hubby is allergic) I do have two wonderful dogs…one of which is a genius.  He really is the smartest dog I have ever had and his vocabulary is massive.

Second Life allows us to do so many things we can’t, won’t or wouldn’t in our real lives and one of those for me is having a cat…and I have several that come and go from my inventory.  My photo here is inspired by all of my past kitties…Kitty print top, kitty jewelry, kitty curtains and a lap kitty!  Simply purrrfect!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth– Astra

Nails – e.marie – Mix & Match Keep It Simple 3

Outfit – CandyDoll – Caessa Skirt, Jacket & Bodysuit

Boots – CandyDoll – Caessa Boots

Necklace – Pure Poison – Cat Necklace

Earrings – Pure Poison – Cat Earrings


MudHoney – Photo Room 1

Cheeky Pea – Annabelle Rose Chair

Cheeky Pea – Draped Curtain Black Cats

Dust Bunny – Spotted Begonia

Dust Bunny – Shutter Fence

Raindale – Lanhall Planter

Tentacio – Pink Soda

Fashionably Dead – Cat #11 Sitting

HPMD – Sweet Garden Grass 05


Lyrium Poses – Chloe #3 @ Equal10


Peggy Lee – The Siamese Cat Song

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