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Living On Island Time 4K

Featuring Luc. Boutique and {Old Barn Door}

Every time I do one of these tropical scenes I am reminded how desperately I need a vacation.  That isn’t going to happen anytime soon because of projects we have going on around the house (fence & landscaping) so I am going to have to create some sort of escape in the backyard….even if it consists of a beach towel and the sprinkler…and a tasty mojito of course!

Just in time for summer, Old Barn Door has released their Aruba Patio Set.  I am always impressed with the detail of Old Barn Doors creations and all of the little extras included to really complete a scene.

I am very detail oriented which is one of the reasons I love Disney so much.  Most people have no idea of the thought and attention that was put into the smallest details of the parks and attractions but they are there nonetheless and a treasure to find.

That being said, my favorite detail about this set is the little fizzy bubbles included in the lemon spritz water pitcher and glasses.  Most people would never inspect a glass of lemon water so closely so it would have been a detail easily not included…but there they are…tiny bubbles, fizzing their way upwards just like in my real glass of delicious diet Dr. Pepper!

This set comes in Adult and PG versions and includes the pergola, chairs, chandelier, lemon water and pitcher, table and plant.  The main pillow on the chair is also texture change with 10 different options.  You can see this set in person at the  store located here.

I am also featuring a new planter from Luc. Boutique.  “The Invitation” planter is a piece of hand sculpted mesh erotic art that comes in male and female version as well as a PG version as I am showing here.  Each piece is actually on a small pedestal but for this picture I prefered it being lowered to be even with the floor.  You can head over to Kinky Event if you want to see the more risque version! 🙂



{Old Barn Door}

*See the Aruba Patio Set*
Aruba Chandelier
Aruba Lemon Water
Aruba Lemon Water Pitcher
Aruba Patio Chair 1
Aruba Patio Chair 2
Aruba Patio Table
Aruba Pergola w/ Stone Patio
Aruba Plant

Luc. BoutiqueInvitation Sculpted Planter @ Kinky Event

Studio Skye

Skye Banana Plant
Skye Bangalow Palm
Skye Tree Fern
Skye Waterfall Kit

|T|L|C| Home Collection

TLC Flamingo [Feeding]
TLC Flamingo [One Leg]
TLC Flamingo [Walking]

Mesh Plants

Hibiscus Red Plant
Hibiscus Yellow Plant

 Las Islas  – Naimesh Naupaka

Heart Garden Center – Wild Exotics Umbrella Palm


Island Time – Simplified

Living On Island Time 4K

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