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Hey guys! As some of you may know, I like driving. And at times, I like to do the excursions from the Drivers of SL group. I did one last month, and it was described as being one of the longest drives the group has done. So, I wanted to blog about it so you have an idea of what it’s like 🙂

Keep in mind that it’s not normally this long of a drive. I think the average is 5-6 legs, and this one was 11 o.O

The trip started at Mindy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. We have to get some food for the road trip, right?

I actually knew the owner of Mindy’s, rienna.rieko. We spoke for a bit, and then I continued on my way.

I drove on Route 9 all the way to Lordshore Cove.

I took a boat, and then traveled onward to Bellisseria .

[15:25] 20200314 Nav HUD: Veer Left ahead, and bid farewell as Jeogeot disappears to our right. Bellisseria here we come.

I hit a certain sim where no matter what I did, I kept getting booted out of my boat. So then I enabled autopilot on the NavHUD, and started to fly on my own.

Double sim – SS Galaxy

Flying over homes at Lilac Grove sim


Riff Airport

After I arrived at the airport, it was time to drive again.

Snow region


Destination – Kania sim – Smugglers Bluff Airport


UltraLight Airship Builders Airship Mountain Museum (saw on the way driving)


Destination: Linden RoadSide Little Cafe

From here, I had to take an aircraft. I like helicopters better than planes – planes are so hard for me to land 😦

[07:39] 20200314 Nav HUD: Veer Right ahead and bid farewell to Sansara. We are entering the passage to Heterocera Atoll.

I kinda lost track here…not sure if the airport where I landed was Cyclops or was it when I was still flying in the air.

I hate griefers 😦


Couldn’t find the prim to AR it either.


All aboard!



Last stop!


I believe I then drove over to the Silver King Grill

The whole point of the drive was to find the perfect milkshake…this milkshake was okay, but not sure it was worth traveling this far. Maybe if I was already in the area…

After I finished my shake, the NavHUD teleported me to Horizons Halo.

I drove over to the car dealership at CRMC/Cosmopolitan Regal (not sure if they call themselves that, but I like that term) and picked up my 2 prizes for participating in the week’s grid drive. I received a CRMC – CORNISH RICHART and CRMC – BERGLOWE.

After that long drive, I was so happy it was over that I did a little dance.



Grid Drive for Mar 14, did it March 22 & 23
11 legs in 2 days
[10:18] Regions Visited Today: 246
[10:18] Distance Traveled Today: 51.0km / 31.7mi
[10:18] Time Driven Today: 1 Hour, 43 Minutes
[10:18] Average Driving Speed Today: 29kmh / 18mph
[10:18] Time Elapsed Today: 4 Hours, 39 Minutes

Styling Credits:

Hair: #BESOM HAIR~ Jordan Size 3
Glasses: LEN$[- 65 – Black
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Thugs N Kisses Bracelet & Earrings
Outfit: [MERCH] Ballet Track Tights & Ruffle Track Jacket – Deep (maitreya)
Skin: [Glam Affair] Trina Applier [ Catwa ] Basic Line
Dance: MOVE! Animations – Sophie 06 Bento Dance

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