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@The Arcade Gacha
Skin: Glam Affair – Sasha Gacha
+ [Glam Affair] Sasha Layer [Lelutka] 003 B
Pride Party Set: [Bad Unicorn] Pride Party Gacha
+ Necklace: [Bad Unicorn] Bulb Chain – Pride Party Gacha

@The Mens Dept
Eyes: LOTUS. Power Eyes
Tattoo: DAPPA – Hako Tattoo.

Hair: [monso] Moca Hair
Top: Emery Floyd Draped Top
Skirt: Emery Gianna Midi Skirt

@The Food Court
Ice Cream: andika[ Ice cream party]SET
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]L

Mesh Head (BENTO): LeLUTKA Nova Head
Nail: alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails – Pride Clear 2.0
Chocker: MIWAS / Gift chocker GIFT!
Wrap Around Cardigan: Blueberry – Pride 2020 – Full Set


@The Arcade Gacha
Pride Party Set: [Bad Unicorn] Pride Party Gacha
+ Balloon Arch: [Bad Unicorn] Balloon Arch – Pride Party Gacha
+ Cupcakes: [Bad Unicorn] Cupcakes – Pride Party Gacha
+ Tables: [Bad Unicorn] Flag Table – Pride Party Gacha
+ Hanging Flags: [Bad Unicorn] Hanging Flags – Pride Party Gacha
+ Rainbow Cake: [Bad Unicorn] Rainbow Cake – Pride Party Gacha
+ Rainbow Cake: [Bad Unicorn] Slice of Rainbow Cake – Pride Party Gacha
+ Backdrop: [Bad Unicorn] Street Backdrop – Pride Party Gacha RARE
+ Confettis: [Bad Unicorn] Confetti – Pride Party Gacha

@The Food Court
Ice Cream Party Set: andika[ Ice cream party]SET
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]A
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]B
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]C
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]D
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]E
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]F
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]G
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]H
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]I
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]L
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]M
+ andika[ Ice cream party set]N

Neons: DISORDERLY. Neon Speak
+ DISORDERLY. Neon Speak Pride

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