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@The Warehouse Sale
Makeup (eyeshadows): keikumu – sage eyeshadows (fatpack)
+ keikumu – sage eyeshadows (genus – 02 – eyeliner)

Hair: [monso] Akali2 Hair

@The Kawaii Project
Yami no Onigiri Set: [AiiZawa] Yami no Onigiri FATPACK
+ Armor: [AiiZawa] Yami no Onigiri [Red Armor] – Maitreya
+ Dress: [AiiZawa] Yami no Onigiri [Red Dress] – Maitreya
+ Plates: [AiiZawa] Yami no Onigiri [Red Ninja Plates] – Maitreya
+ Kunai: [AiiZawa] Yami no Kunai
* fatpack exclusive kunai
(​There are four very cool knife animations)

Mesh Head (BENTO): GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – Mocap
Pose: Poseidon Kunoichi Gacha
+ Poseidon Kunoichi 10 + 11 RARE – Kunoichi10RARE
& w/o Kunai pose
Garter: nani&eliavah – kunoichi Gacha
+ nani&eliavah – kunoichi – kunai garter [unrig]
Kunoichi Set: REKT_ Kunoichi set Gacha
+ Arm Guards: REKT_Kunoichi Arm Guards
+ Shoulder Pads: REKT_Kunoichi Shoulder Pads
Gloves: Eliavah ~ Hawkeye Gloves [Bento]
Mask: Eliavah ~ Daigoro Mask
Scarf: C L A Vv. Hermes Gacha
+ C L A Vv. Hermes Scarf Black

Crypt: :Fanatik Architecture: CAVES Crypt Chamber Add-on

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