**LOTD 1338**

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LOTD 1338 - In Depth

LOTD 1338 - In Depth

Hair: /TRUTH/ Horizon – VIP GROUP GIFT
Lipstick: GO Affluent Lipstick Makeup05 @SENSE EVENT
Dress:-AZUL- Faye FitMesh Dress (Maitreya) /Onyx @SENSE EVENT
Rings:KUNGLERS – Valeria rings @SENSE EVENT
Shoes: [Sheba] Sarah Heels @SENSE EVENT


Backdrop: Breath Away – Hurt Me So Good – The Bearded Guy @SENSE EVENT


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Hair: Stealthic Cig: Foxcity Bracelet: Vo.Z Bag: Veilance Outfit: Lybra – Leda @Uber Pose: Stun Backdrop: The Bearded Guy

Sigrid (3747)

Hello my dear readers, a new beautiful Mesh Body is available! I use the brand new Cristal Mesh Body, made by Ginger Chevalier from *!* EVE Absolute Creation. This new Mesh Body is very well done, comes with 3 skins in the HUD and nice MakeUps. The Body is full BOM, but you can use […]

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Cross my heart, hope to die To my lover, I’d never lie He said “be true,” I swear I’ll try In the end, it’s him and I He’s out his head, I’m out my mind We got that love, the crazy kind I am his, and he is mine In the end, it’s him and […]
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