**LOTD 1530**

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LOTD 1530 - Major
LOTD 1530 - Major

Hair:: KMH Hair CP002
Eyes .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Bot T-1000
Outfit: :::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit @NEO JAPAN
Body:  r2 A/D/E hakuya suit
Shoes: [Cubic Cherry] {Aiko} geta RED v.2 @NEO JAPAN
Socks: [Cubic Cherry] {Aiko} tabi high socks LATEX pack @NEO JAPAN
ORB: Catacomb – The Orb – 7
Piercing:  CUREMORE/ Stellar Piercings / Mouth

Backdrop: Dopamine – House Vibes – The Bearded Guy @MOM

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