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books Paper Moon Magic Flying books, new release for We love Roleplay! thank you Sohma ❤

showing the books in Magic and Astrology

Paper Moon


outfit Psycho Barbie Salem, for The Dark Style Fair!

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Psycho Barbie mainstore


earrings KIB Earring Horn and Skull, for The Dark Style Fair, hunt gift!

event info

KIB mainstore


lipcolor Zibska (forgot to note which one)! thank you Zib ❤


face tattoo Cureless Divination (face part), group gift

eyemakeup Veechi Damned shadow

hair Rama Shay in naturals

boots Pure Poison Moodyblossom boots

piercings SU Nose piercing set, group gift

poses Foxcity


shot on location at




via I rather be overdressed!

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via I rather be overdressed!

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