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Paper Moon Tattooed Plaster hands, discounted for Mystical Market by Dark Passions Events! thank you Sohma ❤

showing you the plaster hands in Floriculture, Entomology and Night sky, all set come in fresh and faded pairs and single hands, and the Newspaper hands that are a gift in the 5l hunt at the event!

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Paper Moon


other Paper Moon items used

Fairytale illustrations Arabian dancer and Sleeping potion

Green witch shelf

Paper Moon


other items used

DRD Boho backyard Curtains

Keke Nirvana incense bowl white, Book of Magic

Cheeky Pea Fotune teller’s Tarot cards

Half Deer Requim moon gacha Crescent wand stand, The essentials

Nutmeg Chaise longue black PG, Books&Keys

Random Matter Magical girl gacha Crystal ball

Dust bunny Botanical tote, Wiccan book stack

We’re Closed (now Revival) Frame light, gift (artwork: Andrey Remnev, High water)

Floor and wall TWR (vintage)



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