MB 474/2019

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Moondance Boutique Ashanti Basic Jewerly Set by Kat Carter (kathrin.dassin)

The Ashanti is the first of what will hopefully be many of our new ethnic lines. This Nigeran inspired design features an Aso Oke headpiece, large rose statement necklace, 3 sets of earrings, 3 sets of rings and one set of bracelets. This beautiful set is HUD controlled to allow for easy control of sizing. All our products are 100% Original handcrafted Mesh creations lovingly created for your enjoyment. Aug 5th
@the Designer’s Showcase

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Preparing for the ball

SL Christmas Expo goes into the last weekend! I read yesterday: We just surpassed L$2.5 Million…. we are 1/2 way to our goal! That is such good news! Thank you everyone who contributed to this! And lets make a big effort to get the amount complete! I am also getting ready, trying on gowns and […]
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