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AviStar ♛
Nepal – Rehana Seljan は、2019年8月17日(土)「MISS SL AVISTAR ♛ 2019」に於いて「MISS SL ♛ AVISTAR 21019」に選出されました。当コンテストでお世話になりました皆様方には感謝の意を表します。ありがとうございました。

私は昨年SLモデル引退を表明してSecond Lifeをリタイアしました。しかし私がSLに戻ってきたときに楽しいと感じたのはSLモデルでした。そのときです。私がSLモデルとしてSLに係わることに喜びを感じることに気が付いたのは。
Marcus や
Hikaru をはじめSLファッション界の皆様は戻ってきた私を暖かく迎えてくれました。私にSLでの居場所を提供してくださったことに感謝します。また、自分の殻を脱しきれない私を叱咤激励して脱皮を促してくださいました。彼らの力添えがなければ、本日の私はありませんでした。本当にありがとうございます。

私は彼らの元でMISS SL ♛ AVISTAR 21019に選出されましたことを大変誇りに思います。

私は「MISS SL AVISTAR ♛ 2019」で共にコンペティションに参加した皆様に感謝します。私とって「競争」という概念は理解するに難しいものです。私は皆様と共に楽しみ成長できたことに喜びを感じています。私はコンペティションというものは自分の成長を促すものの一つだと思っています。私はそれぞれが意義ある学びを得られたと信じています。私は皆様のその努力に最高の賞賛を捧げます。これからも共に自分を高めていきましょう。本当にありがとうございます。




AviStar ♛ Nepal – Rehana Seljan was selected as “MISS SL ♛ AVISTAR 21019” at “MISS SL AVISTAR ♛ 2019” on Saturday, August 17, 2019. I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who have taken care of this contest. Thank you very much.

I announced the retirement of SL model last year and retired Second Life. But when I came back to SL, it was the SL model that I enjoyed. At that time. I realized that I was delighted to be involved in SL as an SL model.
Marcus and Hikaru and everyone in the SL fashion world warmly welcomed me back. Thank you for offering me a place in SL. He also encouraged me to shed my shell and encouraged me to peel off. Without their help, I wasn’t there today. thank you very much.
I am very proud that they were elected MISS SL ♛ AVISTAR 21019.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition at “MISS SL AVISTAR ♛ 2019”. For me, the concept of “competition” is difficult to understand. I am delighted to be able to enjoy and grow with you. I think that the competition is one of the things that encourages my growth. I believe that each has gained meaningful learning. I dedicate my best praise to your efforts. Let’s improve ourselves together. thank you very much.

I thank the judges and the audience. Thank you for taking the time for us while you are busy. For me, each of these comments is food for growth. I was able to grow with many of the important tips that you gave me. Thanks to everyone for having me now. Thank you very much.

Finally thanks to my old friend Mio. She always supports me who is not good at English. Again this result would not be without her support. thank you very much.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all of you who have been involved in my life in various ways. I am growing supported by you. Thank you very much. Good luck to everyone.

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