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On September 15th, I went to the Miss Virtual Diva 2019 finale show, where they would announce “The Next Face of Fashion”. It was a great turn out, and lots of exceptional styling not only from the contestants, but in the audience as well.

Miss Virtual Diva 2019 - BIG FINAL by Angels Kristan

Miss Virtual Diva 2019 – BIG FINAL by Angels Kristan

I took the transcript from the show and incorporated it into my blog. I did not write the script, but the photos were taken by me. I hope you guys enjoy – for some it will be a refresher, and for others it will be a way to find out what you missed 🙂

Some photos of the audience (let me know if you see yourself there! It took me forever to find some people even though I knew they were there (Marcus! lol).
Click to view slideshow.

DJ Esme Capelo & Jude Tatham

[10:55] (Jude Tatham) Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Miss Virtual Diva 2019 Final Phase Challenge . Please take a seat, our show will begin shortly.  We would like to remind you at this time to please help our contestants do their very best by removing all unnecessary attachments (i.e. huds and AO’s), and scripted objects (right click the item and select “detach” to ensure they disappear from the Sim’s memory). Thank you. To enjoy the show at its best, turn on “Streaming Music” to hear our DJ/Voice Host and to enjoy the music.

[11:02] Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Miss Virtual Diva 2019 Final Phase Challenge . I am Esme Capelo , your host and DJ for today and.sharing the hosting duties with me is the lovely Jude Tatham. Jude will be delivering the show by text in local chat. Are you ready Jude?

Yes thank you, I am ready and good day, good evening everyone. I hope that you enjoy today’s show. I am honored to be co-hosting with this amazing dj!

Today’s presentation is the Final step in the exciting process of finding the next face of fashion for the Virtual Diva brand by Angels Kristan. You will have the opportunity to see the contestants and get to know them a bit more, as they present three looks. The first has been has been inspired by one of the paintings by Frida Kahlo. The second is inspired by burlesque Fantasy Angels and the third is a formal look.

Angels Kristan

Very shortly, a winner will be chosen to represent the Virtual Diva brand. The lucky winner must have a good sense of fashion; a unique style and look; as well as being professional and graceful, have plenty of confidence and a great personality with a positive attitude.

The winner will receive Reign as Miss VIRTUAL DIVA for 2019 with a beautiful Crown.
Angels Kristan´s Exclusive Design.
Receive a prize consisting of L$100,000 CASH and PRIZES from VIRTUAL DIVA Organization.
Have a beautiful GOWN named after her.
A Contract with VIRTUAL DIVA Organization.
Be our Cover Story with a full interview in Virtual Diva Magazine.
Become part of the Exclusive Fantasy Angels Company.

The 1ST RUNNER UP will receive a beautiful tiara of an Exclusive Design by Angels Kristan, have a beautiful GOWN named after her, a Contract with VIRTUAL DIVA Organization.
L$25,000 in VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE products, a full interview in Virtual Diva Magazine and become part of the Exclusive Fantasy Angels Company.

The 2ND RUNNER UP will also receive a beautiful tiara of an Exclusive Design by Angels Kristan.
Have a beautiful GOWN named after her.
A Contract with VIRTUAL DIVA Organization.
L$25,000 in VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE products.
A full interview in Virtual Diva Magazine.

A beautiful tiara Exclusive Design by Angels Kristan.
Have a beautiful GOWN named after her.
A Contract with VIRTUAL DIVA Organization.
L$20,000 in VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE products.
A full interview in Virtual Diva Magazine.
Visit our website ( https://missvirtualdiva.blogspot.com ) for the complete list of prizes for the winner and runners up.

We would also like to mention and thank the sponsors for today’s presentation, ALMA makeup, Atreyu Fashion Icon, AMM life & style, ON9, Mahasiah, MEDIA SL, Cotorreando, Cafe Bohemia, Tryska.Moon, Liziaah, ModeLS, TEQUILA Night Club and The Fantasy Angels. Also media partners ModelsSl Magazine and Virtual Diva Magazine. Thank you all

Before we get started with our runway presentation, let me introduce you to our fabulous judges, who have the tough task of selecting the ladies who will move on to the next round:

BonieFacio: AIM AGENCY CEO/COO, ModeLS Magazine CEO, The Men’s Zone (TMZ) CEO
hikaru enimo: Editor in Chief for L’homme Magazine SL, [Founder Neo-Japan Event]
Isis Secretspy: irrISIStible shop owner

Thank you for your support today, Judges.

Huge and a special thank you to Virtual Diva owner & CEO, Angels Kristan and also the reigning Miss Virtual Diva, Anael Starr and 1st Runner Melinda Bayn for their amazing work in putting together today’s official presentation.

Melinda Bayn

Special thanks also go to the brilliant mentors Jeanie Waydelich, Lσlї (lolita.paragorn), لοץՖ (joys.cuttita) and Euridice Qork , who with all their experience have been assisting the candidates and imparting some of their experience and knowledge with them.

Special thank yous also go to our back stage assistant, Israel AsᴜMᴀʀᴇ Casati Gant and our set builder, Joe Blake (yakur) for all their hard work, also in making today’s presentation a wonderful event in SL.

In addition, I would also like to say a big thank you to our photographer, Angy Kristan.

Please note that all of today’s contestants have provided their own words to express their reason and inspiration behind selecting the outfits that they have chosen for this challenge.

Stage for Part 1 of Challenge

[11:09] With the introductions complete, let’s now officially start today’s presentation on this fantastic journey to crown Miss Virtual Diva 2019. We start with the first part of this challenge in which the ladies have been asked to create a look based on the paintings of Frida Kahlo.

Our first contestant is Slowly Bury who is wearing the Virtual DIva, Darling Gown Sun, Baiastice_Frida Hair, LODE Head Accessory – Magic, Lamu Fashion-Head Flower Frida, Frida Kahlo earrings and MG – Necklace – Lucca Leather and Chain

Slowly has chosen Self Portrait with Chango and Parrot from 1942 by Frida Kahlo to use as her inspiration. She tells us this: “Frida Kahlo is my favorite artist, and her portraits and photographs adorn my Second Life and real-life home. I chose this picture because it shows her love for animals, an essential part of her life; However, I wanted to showcase the obstacles she faced in her lifetime, which fueled her artistry.

Thank you Slowly.

 Next please welcome (lllalejandralll) Ařcαηα who is wearing the Head & Body Catwa Catya & Maitreya Lara, * FRIDA* Hair from .:EMO-tions:., Accesories by Kunglers – Frida Forever // Mantilla made exclusive and Frida Gown Cherry by Virtual Diva Couture

Ale has also chosen Self Portrait with Chango and Parrot from 1942 by Frida Kahlo to use as her inspiration. Ale tells us she chose this painting because it reflects one of Frida’s phases, the love for her pets and the colors. She wanted to focus on one of its multiple phases, the one that shows the color of life and love.

Thank you Ale.

 Now please welcome Tiyialic wearing the Frida Gown in Black by Angy Kristan, Lab.094 by booN hair, hairpiece: Olivia [yellow] by LODE, necklace: Isla Necklace by MINIMAL, Unibrow by Herself – Tiyialic, Parrot by Tomato park

Tiyialic chose the Frida Kahlo Self Portrait with Bonito – Frida Kahlo painting from 1941. She says – “Frida Kahlo painted “Self-Portrait with Bonito” after she lost her father as well as her beloved bird Bonito. I identify with both of those loses having lost both my father and my beloved parrot Beako. Although the painting is sad it is also a celebration of nature and the relationships she lost, which I really appreciate.”

Thank you Tiyialic.

Next please welcome aurora0skye wearing the Virtual Diva Carpe Gown in Snow, .:JUMO:. Rosa Hair Browns, C&F DRYAD Circlet / Thorny Crown (Red/Tan) and LODE Decor – Forsythia Frame II RARE

aurora0skye has chosen the Frida Kahlo Self portrait with necklace of thorns and hummingbird from 1940. She tells us this: “Frida Kahlo painted her own reality. This is painting it shows many symbolism some of which may be Hope, Resurrection and Pain that she may have experienced in her life.

Thank you aurora0skye.

Next please welcome XXMARZZ who is wearing the TOP: Glowing Couture Beige by angels.kristan, SKIRT: {Junbug} Flowing Skirt [Crimson] M – Red by Juno Mantel, FULANG CHANG: IPink Acid Baby Chimp Raven Black Male, HEAD PIECE,: rose1 by Janetrue and Yokai – Rose accessory by Olikato, EARRINGS: ^^Swallow^^ Deco Earring by Swallowy and RINGS: KUNGLERS – Rowen rings – Citrine by avagardner.kungler

XXMARZZ chose the Frida Kahlo Self portrait Fulang Chang y yo painting from 1937. She tells us: “This painting represents for Marciana the animal and natural conection, so she wanted to bring that into her outfit and at the same time she gives a Frida touch with the long skirt, the monobrow and chimp that she has in her shoulder.”

Thank you XXMARZZ.

Next please welcome VickyeMe who is wearing the Dress from Virtual Diva Frida M Cherry, ACCESORIES: Zooby Chimpanzee – Animinimals Green Quaker Parrot, Baiastice_Frida Hair, Mad’ – MonoBrow [Catwa APPLIER] and Blush – catwa – Eye Makeup Studio Exposure

VickyeMe has chosen the Frida Kahlo Self portrait Self Portrait with Monkey and Parakeet from 1942. She says: This extraordinary Mexican artist poured the pain of a life studded with suffering, in an intense love for her land, nature and her animals. In the life of the sublime Frida Kahlo, animals were never framed, but a work of art. I can say that as Frida I fight daily problems facing them with my beloved puppies that make me feel better in my saddest moments.

Thank you VickyeMe.

[11:26] Now we come to the second part of this challenge and the ladies have been asked to create a look based on The Fantasy Angels, Burlesque.

Stage for Part 2 of the Challenge

Welcome back Slowly Bury who is wearing Wings, Beusy: Vida Hairstyle (w/ Flowers)(Specials), . Or . Phynen necklace Retro, Virtual Diva.Sublime Bodysuit aqua, [DHB] Latex long gloves -maitreya, [BREATHE]-Mihoko Heels-M.Lara-Mystic Pink and (Yummy) Serena Rings (Maitreya) 2.0

Slowly tells us: “She loves vibrant colors and loud statement jewelry, and overall LOUD fashion essential to drag-style. As a theater and comedy lover, drag culture was my inspiration. The bold colors, look, and attitude immediately drew me in. To her, being “basic” is never an option — supermodel “YOU BETTER WORK” that runway.”

Thank you Slowly.

Next please welcome (lllalejandralll) Ale Ařcαηα who is wearing Inspiration wings, Inspiration Petal 3 Flx, Inspiration lines, Doux – Shakiria hair, [[ Masoom ]] Hartely gloves, Glamistry : ZINNIA Heels and Fantasy Angels Lingerie Crow by Virtual Diva Couture

Ale tells us that considering the lingerie of MVD Couture and the “Burlesque” as a challenge, she made a styling taking 2 base colors, black and pink. She tried to develop a delicate style, very feminine and sexy with accessories from the burlesque world. She took from the inspiration box 2 kinds of wing shapes, the baseline and the petals to form wings with pink scales or sequins, other wings with black lace and repeated the motif in the classic burlesque hat.

Thank you Ale.

Now please welcome Tiyialic wearing Inspiration wing parts, Inspiration Flower
Inspiration Petals, Bodysuit: Sublime Bodysuit carmin by Angy Kristan, Hair: Aimy Hair by Phoenix and MI_Top Hat with Bow and Feathers by Lika Meili

Tiyialic says as a burlesque performer Tiy fashioned her wings to be spectacular. They feature gold feathers across the top that shine and glint under the spotlight, ombre flowers and gold petals. Her peek-a-boo bodysuit is perfect for a burlesque show as are her stockings and and stiletto shoes. Like any serious burlesque soloist Tiy has finished her outfit with a red and pink top hat replete with feathers.

Thank you Tiyialic.

Next please welcome aurora0skye wearing the Inspiration PETALS 2 wings, Inspiration lines, wing accents, Inspiration wing parts, Virtual Diva Liberty Bikini CROW and Whisper Couture/Materials Crow, irrISIStible : SKIRT and HAT CRACKED CHANDELIER RED, =Zenith=Vintage Tighten Gloves and friday – Keiko Platforms

aurora0skye tells us this: “Las Vegas showgirls have unique stylings and flirtatious qualities but also adding a bit of fantasy. The elements of the outfit pull together both the imaginations of the designer as well as giving the audience something different to view. In the words of Tempest Storm “Always leave something to the imagination”

Thank you aurora0skye

Next please welcome XXMARZZ who is wearing the Inspiration Ornament, Petals, PETALS 1, 2 & 3 and wings part, Queen Lingerie Snow Crow by angels.kristan, .:villena:. – Fishnet Black by Villena Swansen, AZOURY – Jotham Cap [Black Beauty] by Mayhem Seetan, MICHAN -Infinity Necklace by michanx, ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears earrings by Swallowy and Meva Nia Gloves by Mea Carnell

XXMARZZ tells us the look is inspired by one of Christina Aguilera’s looks on the musical scene with the name of Tough Love ( Burlesque 2010). Marciana wanted to make a look that is sensual, fun and rough at the same time to welcome you to this angelic Burlesque.

Thank you XXMARZZ.

Next please welcome VickyeMe who is wearing Inspiration Wings, Virtual Diva Doll Fantasy Angels Lingerie Carmin, Dead Dollz – Bejeweled Collar, Bejeweled Headpiece, La Calavera – Glove and Sheer Hosiery, !dM SavageRose – headPiece RED and hip feathers, N-core KATE FUR “Glitter” for Maitreya High Feet shoes, hair base from Studio Exsposure and [MJN] Crimson Kisses – Eye Makeup Studio Exposure

 VickyeMe says over time the burlesque has lost its caricature element becoming more and more like variety. In the 1990s, on the wave of fashion linked to culture vintage, the new-burlesque was born, from which the dark cabaret is also derived. In this competition we represent a Fantasy Angels, Burlesque.

Thank you VickyeMe.

[11:41] Now we come to the third part of this challenge and the ladies have been asked to create a formal look.

Stage for Part 3 and final Challenge

Welcome back aurora0skye who is wearing MVDAuroralowpoly – Exclusive, Moondance Boutique Peacock Redux (C)FABULOUS Collar, Tableau Vivant// Ice Queen Hair [5] Rare and Alaskametro Aquatica Makeup

aurora0skye tells us: Elegance can mean simplicity while also providing a bit of flair. I pulled my inspiration from the peacock. A peacock is simple yet elegant. While just a simple bird, their feathers and their character tell an entirely different story. Peacocks have a sas in their strut and the feathers are regal and pronounced, showing their own style while being fierce.

 Thank you aurora0skye.

Next please welcome Tiyialic who is wearing the Tiy gown by Angy Kristan, Cindy Hair by Runway, Earrings and Necklace: Monterey by MG, Cindy Armlets by AvaWay and Chic Ring by Swallow

Tiyialic tells us that the custom gown Tiy is wearing gently conforms to her body making the most of Tiy’s curves. It features a spectacular asymmetrical petal at the bust line and a tulip train. This gown is the height of elegance and sophistication. Tiy is wearing her hair down and has placed sparkling gems throughout her curly tresses. For jewelry Tiy as pick a double bracelet for one arm and a large ring for the other as well as an elegant earring and necklace set that features large black pearls.

Thank you Tiyialic.

Next please welcome XXMARZZ wearing the MVD Marcilowpoly by angels.kristan, REVOUL – Milla Choker / DELUXE by highcache, [Sexy Princess] Body Chain Silver by Tears4anAngel, Ohemo – Mora statement earrings – Fameshed Aniversary 2019 by aleida.rhode and Moon Amore: Arcano Rings & Bindi HUNT GIFT!! by PsyQueen

XXMARZZ tells us this final dress is based on Joan of Arc look that Zendaya was wearing on Met Gala 2018. This wonderful outfit start with the beautiful custom dress made by angels.kristan and ends with smokey eyes by Tarani Tempest and the delicate fire of Prudence hairstyle by dam1710 giving the best impression of revolution, originality and personality, like Zendaya gave in the Met Gala when she leave the public in shock.

Thank you XXMARZZ.

Slowly Bury says Miss Regina King’s 2019 Met Gala gown was the inspiration for my dress which paid tribute to black, 1920’s movie star Nina Mae McKinney, a pioneer of cinema for women of color.

The elegantly subtle yet striking dress is a perfect match of who I inspire to be a stylist, understated glamorous, elegance, and an awe-inspiring look.’

Thank you Slowly.

Next please welcome lllalejandralll, Ale, who is wearing the MVD Alejandra Gown Exclusive by Virtual Diva Couture, Catwa Catya head & Maitreya Lara body, .:JUMO:. Ferrara hair, Glamistry : BEGONIA shoes and Kunglers Extra Elwen accessories.

Ale tells us that based on the beautiful exclusive gown that Angy created exclusively for Alejandra, she was inspired by a lady of flowers. She tried to develop a delicate style, with roses, flying rose petals and delicate golden sparkles that surround the model.

Thank you Ale.

Next please welcome VickyeMe who is wearing Virtual Diva Vikyeaddonrose gown,
Sweet Tea Long Formal Gloves Maitreya: Snow, Pariur jewel-CHOP ZUEY COUTURE JEWELLERY- Ice Diamond, booN-Lab.094 hair and [MJN] Crimson Kisses – Eye Makeup Studio Exposure.

VickyeMe says that she wears a Virtual Diva dress, a new creation by designer Angy Kristan created specifically for this beauty contest. Labito is a mermaid gown, in fabric embellished with glitter that with their lightndezza brings out the movements of VickyeMe in an elegant way. The decollete is highlighted by the silver white band that recalls the flower making the dress fashion.

Thank you VickyeMe.

[12:00] Welcome back to the stage our Miss Virtual Diva Finalists

First we welcome Aurora & Tiy
Next to the stage is Slowly & Marciana
Last, but by no means least, welcome back Alejandra & VickyMe

It gives us great pleasure to invite to the stage, Anael Starr, Miss Virtual Diva 2018 for her last walk and speech.

[12:03] (Anael Starr) Good Afternoon, and thank you for being here today.

It has been an amazing journey and year, but now it is time for me to step down and welcome the new Miss Virtual Diva 2019. Winning this pageant was totally unexpected, but surely as with all of us who enter a pageant it was a dream come true. My heart only feels gratitude for all those who believed in me, each person who stood by my side, and those who are no longer here but whom I keep close to my heart.

Being a Queen is not just wearing your crown, it is being the best in what you do. Winning may be hard, but the hardest part comes afterwards making sure you represent your crown with dignity and fairness in everything you do, as you will be on the stoplight.

This was a year of learning, facing challenges, working hard and doing my best to represent the Virtual Diva brand and the Fantasy Angels Company.  I am very grateful for the friends I have made, for Melinda Bayn, 1st runner up who has walked with me side by side in this fantastic journey, and the rest of the girls who have become my sisters and with whom I have shared the laughs and at times yes, the tears, but all a part of growing in this wonderful world we call SL.

My greatest gratitude to Angels Kristan and all the members of the Virtual Diva Organization for believing and trusting in me, and for all your support during this year. Thank you for making me feel as part of your family.

Today I end one of the most exciting chapters of my life as a model in secondlife and I am leaving with a big smile on my face, having accomplished one of the greatest challenges any model could face. Today one lucky girl will become the new Miss Virtual Diva and start her journey.

 I wish all the finalists’ success, they have all worked very hard and win or lose, it’s been an amazing competition! Thank you!

(Jude Tatham) Thank you so much Anael Starr Miss Virtual Diva 2018.

We now wait on the judges for their final decision……

[12:10] Ladies and Gentlemen, we will now announce the runners up for this year’s Miss Virtual Diva contest, so in reverse order, please give some applause

This year’s 2nd runner up is

Ale Arcana (lllalejandralll)
Click to view slideshow.
And this year’s 1st runner up is…….Tiy (Tiyialic)
Click to view slideshow.
And finally Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment that we have all been waiting, the winner of this year’s Miss Virtual Diva 2019 goes to ……..

*** VickyeMe ***
Click to view slideshow.
 Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Miss Virtual Diva 2019, Miss VickyeMe

[12:22] VickyeMe shouts: : omg this is the best moment in all my SL i am truly thrilled, i lost all capability to say something,,,, i want to say only THANK YOU ! Thanks very much to all

[12:22] Jude Tatham says: Wow, that was an exciting show and we hope that you have all enjoyed it as much as we have today. Huge thanks and respect to the amazing Angels Kristan, the owner of Virtual Diva Couture and the fabulous lady who has been working tirelessly throughout the whole contest, challenging the contestants to bring us this year’s winner.

[12:22] Melinda Bayn shouts: Thank you so much to all, congrats ladies! you all did perfect today!

[12:22] Jude Tatham says: That is all we have for this year’s contest, but we hope that you will all join us again next year for another exciting contest and the big question ‘Who will be Miss Virtual Diva in 2020?’ We hope that you have also enjoyed the music today, as well as listening or viewing the show either in stream or in local chat. See you all next year! Thank you and goodnight.

Compared to last year, I felt the show and contest overall was made shorter and compact in order to have a better overall presentation. The stages were phenomenal, as well as the themes selection. I was happy to see that they continued to have the mentors guiding the contestants. The only thing I would say is that the show was fast. For me to take as many pictures as I did without prior knowledge of the show was a feat in itself. I had time to get in exactly 2 photos per contestant and that was it 😀

That’s all from me – if you made it down this far, thanks for reading!

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