Most of all, when snowflakes fall, I wish you Love

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Doux Valentina, for Dubai Event SL

Erratic Kim holiday edition sweater

Neve Jams Pants, for Uber

Amitie Make a wish couples pose (attachement used), for Uber



8f8 Retracing joy gacha Pillow tree (rare), Gourmet essentials, Knitting essentials, Sewing essentials, Play essentials, Magic essentials, Decorating essentials, for The Epiphany, Blamps (groupgift)

Ariskea Snow globe Music Silent night, new groupgift

Dust Bunny Santa paws clutter Cat toys, for Kustom9

Foxwood Santa paws Munchkin kittens sweater red and lay, Teddy pups sweater red, for Kustom9

Half deer Christmas garlands

Nutmeg Musical escape gacha Pointe shoes, Dress, Books, Framed rose, for The Epiphany, Staying warm set: Dresser with blanket, Hung loungewearm, Candle house, Tray, Vase, for Kustom9, Home at last set: Chair with shirt, Blankets, Tray, Vase for Shiny Shabby

Scarlet Creative The nook cabin

Tarte Snowflake lights, discounted at The Outlet

Vespertine Holiday mugs, for Kustom9



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**LOTD 1630**

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**LOTD 1630**

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via I rather be overdressed!