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Moving is one of the most stressful times in life. You’re changing houses, sometimes your parents are changing jobs, and you have to change your room. You have all these memories in one place and you gotta try and bring them with you. I dunno about you guys but it’s hard for me to take memories with me when some of them are attached to the house ya know?

Sometimes a fresh start is helpful but other times, it’s hard to let go of that past and those memories. All we can do is move forward though and that’s what I’m trying to do! Maybe I’ll bring some of those great memories with me at this new place!

Here’s the details!

Location: Fox Hollow
Pose: Stardust – Fun Portraits – 04 Bento Pose (mirrored)
Hair: tram I0710 hair (Old Collabor88)
Shirt: {VicariousYouth} Tee – Taco Bout/Free Spirit/History Dino
Shorts: {Vicarious
Youth} Rickie Shorts – Crossbones Denim
Shoes: Flaminko! – Sneakers PolkaDot

Thanks so much for reading guys and remember, not all “bad memories” are bad, some help teach you some things!

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