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No Lifeguard On Duty 4K

Featuring Vinyl, MudHoney, |T|L|C| Home Collection, Sway’s and Lyrium Poses

Getting blog posts done days in advance really pays off…especially when you are sick.  I have spent most of the last three days on the couch.  I’m pretty sure it was all sinus related but there were thoughts of strep throat and even Covid19,  otherwise known as “the vid” in my house.  Now I have to work on getting ahead on posts again.

The weather has turned here and starting on Friday we have a string of about 10 days with temps in the 80’s.  My bonus children are coming down on Saturday, one will stay a week, the younger one for the summer.  I hope we can get out and do something fun.  I may see how everyone feels about canoeing.  That would be a fun outdoor activity.  Perfect for enjoying the warm weather but still avoiding crowds.  Hope you all are enjoying some fab weather where you live too!

Today I am blogging…well…tons of new goodies.  I’m just going to run through them quick but be sure to check them out.  Great summer items!

My Bae Swimsuit is from Vinyl.  It comes in all of the great Vinyl colors and also comes in 2 styles.  The Bae Watch version comes with either style.  It is available now at Kustom9.

My pose is from the Luna Still Poses Series, a new group gift from Lyrium.  The set includes 3 poses and their mirrors.  You can find it at the mainstore.

Sway’s is releasing some great new beach chairs with a matching stool.  Each chair has texture options for the wood and the pillow.  You can find the Frances Beach Chair and Stool at Whimsical.  Whimsical starts today at noon SLT.

Also perfect for your days at the beach are the Blaire Beach Towels from MudHoney.  They come in adult and PG versions, rectangle or round shapes and are also texture change with 8 different fabric choices.  You can find these at the mainstore.

Last but not least are these beautiful tropical parrots from |T|L|C| Home Collection.  The Parrot Collection offers these colorful feathered friends in 5 color choices (or a fatpack) and each color set includes 3 variants, perched, flying and an animesh companion.  They are available at the 8th anniversary round of Cosmopolitan until May 30th.  After that you can find them at the |T|L|C| mainstore.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Wasabi – Peyton

Swimsuit – Vinyl – Bae Swimsuit @ Kustom9

Sunglasses – Fetch – Bean Glasses



Blaire Beach Towel
Ava Umbrella – Blue


Frances Beach Chair & Stool @ Whimsical
Sandia Beach Bag

|T|L|C| Home Collection

The Parrot Collection @ Cosmopolitan
*Showing Hybrid,  Scarlet, Hyacinth and Blue and Gold Parrots*
*Color Varieties Sold Separately*


Gone to the Beach – Pug Pal
Gone to the Beach – Beach Ball
Summer Time – Deli Sandwich
Shadow Kitty

Nerenzo – Lifeguard Chair

Apple Fall – Wooden Buoy Decor

BONDI – Picnic Radio

Junk Food – Soda Cooler

Dust Bunny – Breezy Book

ChicChica – Fruit Water


Lyrium Poses – Luna Still Pose Series – Pose #1

No Lifeguard On Duty 4K

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