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Note to self:  Buy a new umbrella!

Ok…I’m just going to say it!  I love this picture.  There is this “thing” that I know happens to every blogger.  You do a photo that you absolutely love and you excitedly put it on Flickr and wait for feedback, just knowing it will appeal to a lot of viewers and then “whaa whaa whaaaaaa”….it doesn’t do as well as you thought it would.  Then other times you have one that is what I call, a “problem child”….you know the ones where you fuss with positioning and windlights way to long and finally think you have just looked at it way too long and go with one of them.  You get it posted, not expecting much and then BAM!!!  It’s a home run!  I don’t think there is really any rhyme or reason to this other than who just happens to be browsing the Flickr feed at any given moment and what sort of photos they like.  While I always hope my photos appeal to my fellow bloggers and followers my main concern is that the sponsors like them and like the way I have presented their creations.  Of course not every one will be a home run but hopefully they are all a double at minimum!

Most everything you see here is available at the new round of The Liaison Collaborative and there is SO much great stuff this round.  The theme is Rain in the City so be sure to wear your rain boots when you head over.  Check my credits for all the goodies!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Fabia-  – Connie @ The Liaison Collaborative

Raincoat – Les Sucreries de Fairy – Rainy Day Gacha -Black Sexy Coat @ The Liaison Collaborative

Hat – Les Sucreries de Fairy – Rainy Day Gacha -Black Hat @ The Liaison Collaborative

Dress – Blueberry– Sophia Dress

Umbrella – DRD – Useless Umbrella Acid Rain


22769 – Phone Booth @ The Liaison Collaborative

Simply Shelby @ The Liaison Collaborative

Wicker Bistro Chair
Bistro Wicker Table
Spring Tulip Pot
*Note – This is part of a full Rainy Day Awning Set that includes an awning, deck, planters and animated rain.*

Crate – 10th & 3rd Fire Escape Decor Wall @ The Liaison Collaborative

{What Next} – Pembury Bench

Jian – Chubby Cat Bird Bus

SIGMA – Paper Boat

+Half-Deer+ – Spilled Liquid

Mesh Plants – Season Changing Hedge


Fashiowl Poses – Rainy #8

Note To Self 4K


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