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One for the boys! Ghee recently held a fashion show featuring a selection from our fetish fashion line, and we decided it would be a nice touch to have some beefcake around to compliment the gorgeous Dommes on show. So we made an outfit for men!

Severin is the name of the fictional creation of the Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, who appears in his novella Venus in Furs. Severin is so enamoured of Wanda, the object of his desire, that he asks to be her slave. It was this novella that coined the phrase “masochism” to describe the enjoyment of pain as pleasure. The “M” or S&M.

Ghee’s Severin outfit consists of a leather harness and thing fitted for Signature Gianni mesh body, and a leather collar and cuffs in unrigged mesh with resizes. The collar comes in both regular and Opencollar versions, with the Opencollar powered by Peanut no9.

A style card is included in the pack too.

You can find Severin at The Darkness Monthly Event until 28th May, and then at the Ghee Main Store. 

Here’s your taxi to The Darkness.

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