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gown Jumo Penelope gown, new release for Sense!

earrings Jumo Laura jewelry, earrings shown, new release for Dubai!

boa Jumo Emily Boa, new release for Teh Trunk Show!

lipcolor Jumo Gloria, new release for E-Bento!

thank you June ❤



makup Zibsa Erol, new release! thank you Zib ❤


heels Breathe Jaime heels in black

hair Doux Agora


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Pocketful of Sunshine

I got a pocket, Got a pocketful of sunshine I’ve got a love and I know that it’s all mine Oh, oh, oh Do what you want, But you’re never gonna break me, Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me Oh, oh, oh...


[ Large size ]   @Aenigma (~2020.03.15 / Adult region) Hand accessory : Silvery K / *:..Silvery K..:*Rose […]


  Zibska Chan, new release for Aenigma! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   Kaithleen’s Luna outfit, won in giveaway! thank you Kaithleen’s ❤ Punch Spinal spikes TWC Hazard tube   shot on location at  
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