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Pick of the Patch

Featuring Sway’s

Ready for the Secret Sale Sunday?  Well you better get ready because Sway’s has some great Fall items that you are going to want.  Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins…oh…and a cart with pumpkins!  We are in prime pumpkin season so you will use these again and again!  I am also showing the Autumn Garden Stepping Stones that are coming soon to GachaLand.

For Secret Sale Sunday, Sway’s is offering the Autumn Pumpkin Decorations, which is all sorts of pumpkins in varying colors and combinations.  There is a total of 20 different pumpkins in this set.  Also up for grabs is the Hazel Wooden Cart with Pumpkins.  Just what you need to tote those 20 different pumpkins around in, right?

Coming to GachaLand are the stepping stones.  There are 10 to collect with one being a rare.  There is also the GachaLand Exclusive which is a set of 3 different ghost stepping stones…super cute.  Make sure you head to GachaLand when it opens for these cute items as well as a Pumpkin Candle gift.




[Autumn] Pumpkin Decorations
[Hazel] Wooden Cart with Pumpkins

Autumn Garden Stepping Stones GachaGachaLand
Oak Leaf
Dried Ground Leaves

Heart Garden Center

Wild Poppies Autumn
Buffalo Grass Autumn
Autumn Leaves

Studio Skye 

Enchanted Woods
Rustic Fence

Ariskea– [Corine] Chrysanthemums

{Old Barn Door} – Apple Blossom Barn

*Windmill no longer available*

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