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Featuring {Old Barn Door}, Shutter Field, Sway’s and {What Next}

I have to admit I really miss having a live Christmas tree but as I have gotten older it has just gotten a lot easier to handle an artificial tree.  I can put it up all by myself whenever the mood strikes and mine is actually very beautiful and life like.  I just light my Balsam Yankee Candle and I am in business.  When I still lived in Michigan, my daughter and I had a tradition of seeing who could be the first one to spot a live tree being transported on the roof of someone’s car.  Now we just have to see who can send the first text message with a picture included.  Traditions can remain even if they have to evolve a bit.

Today I am featuring a few new things from Old Barn Door.  There is the Christmas Farm Truck which is not only great decor for our winter photography but you can also actually drive this one!  Thankfully I am a much better driver in real life than I am in Second Life. The Farm Truck Wreath and Candy Cane Garland are also from Old Barn Door and you can find it all at the new Old Barn Door in world store.  No more hopping around to see everything.  It is all now in one location and you can take a pleasant walk to see all of the Old Barn Door homes on display.  Take a visit to see all of the pretty Christmas decor available.

I am also featuring the Holly Pergola from Shutter Field.  This one is the Winter White version and it also comes in Light and Rustic Versions.  There is also a Holly Dining Table and Chairs (sold seperately) that come in matching textures.  Head to the in world store to see all of the styles and pick up a new group gift while you are there.  There are also a few other group gifts located around the store.  Keep an eye out for them while you shop around.

I have plenty of trees to choose from here, including some from Sway’s.  The Sway’s Christmas Tree comes in two sizes and in a traditional version and a snowy version.  You can find them at the main store.

Wrapping things up, Christmas pun not intended, is the Christmas Tree Farm Sign from What Next.  No Christmas tree farm is complete without it.  There is plenty of Christmas and winter decor on display at What Next.  Visit the store in world to see all the pretties!

Happy Winter Solstice too!



{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Candy Cane Garland [Red]
{OBD} Christmas Farm Truck [Snow Version]
{OBD} Christmas Truck Wreath
{OBD} Snowy Tree Stump
{OBD} Vickerman Flocked Tree Set

Shutter Field – Holly Pergola – Winter White

{What Next} – Christmas Tree Farm Sign (Twinkly)


Sway’s Christmas tree (A) snowed
Sway’s Christmas tree (A) traditional
Sway’s Christmas tree (B) snowed
Sway’s Christmas tree (B) traditional


.Lunaria. Snow Dusted Grass
.Lunaria. Winter Lights Grass

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Spruce Green
Apple Fall Tree Stump w/ Hatchet

HPMD  – Dirt Road – snowy

 Izzie’s – Snow Covered Fence

Jian – Christmas Tree 2017 Bare

The Little Branch – Douglas Fir Tree {Animated}-4 Seasons @ The Liaison Collaborative

Studio Skye – Skye Enchanted Wood

hive – Fir Tree


tarte. lighted birch tree
tarte. portland christmas tree (evergreen)
tarte. portland christmas tree (snowy)

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