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Featuring Avec Toi

It was a rainy day in Second Life (winks) but as they say, the show must go on.  Clearly I was playing around with particle painting in my editing software because I wanted some lightning.  I don’t think it turned out too bad…right? Just say “right” and humor me.  Anyway, the ducks and I quickly ran for cover and we made it indoors before anyone got too drenched.

Thankfully my latex dress from Avec Toi worked just as well as the umbrella as far as keeping the rain off.  This is the Siouxsie Dress and Siouxsie Heels and it is available at Uber.  Both the dress and the heels come in 36 colors each, sold in mini packs and fatpacks.  You can change the trim of the blouse and stocking independently from the base color and  as always you can change the metal colors as well.  Avec Toi always puts a little metal label on her creations and I love looking for them.  It’s not that they are hard to find but I just like to see where she has put them on each piece.

Thunderstorms are forecast for me today and thankfully I don’t have to get out anywhere so I will enjoy a dry day indoors with a little blogging and some coffee to keep away the chill.  Happy Thursday!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth – Jamie

Dress – Avec Toi  – Siouxsie Dress Uber

Heels/Stockings – Avec Toi  – Siouxsie Heels Uber


Heart Garden Center – Aubretia

+Half-Deer+ – Spilled Liquid – Large Puddle

LOVE – Filler Bush


Dirt Road – Dark Brown
Easter Egg 2020(GG) – Eggs in a Nest/White Flower

Jian – Pekin Duck & Ducklings

tarte. – Church Greenhouse


Luanes World  – Sunshine In The Rain (includes umbrella)

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