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I am a morning person.  Years of being up early for work has created a built in alarm clock so even though I don’t have anywhere to be I am still up by 6AM most every day.  Much like this skybox, I have 3 very large windows in my bedroom that are all on the same wall which also faces the sunrise.  I am sure if I wasn’t a morning person, I would hate this.  They look out into the backyard and because no one can can see back there I always leave the blinds open so that the morning sun can creep in across my bed and wake me up in a gentle, natural way.  I would much rather wake up that way than to a blaring alarm.  How rude! LOL

Today I am blogging a new bedroom set from {Old Barn Door}.  The Nicole Bedroom Set is loaded with decor and details.  The bed has a lot of texture options and plenty of animations.  The chair and curtains also have color/texture options for all parts……and the blanket on the chest?  Yes, you guessed it…texture options as well.  The bedroom set comes in adult and PG versions and offers so many color/texture options you can easily match it to any decor theme you already have.  See the credits for the full list of everything that is included.



{Old Barn Door}

*Nicole Bedroom Set*
Nicole Bed
Nicole Curtains
Nicole Rug
Nicole Side Table
Nicole Frame 1
Nicole Frame 2
Nicole Bedroom Art 1
Nicole Bedroom Art 2
Nicole Candle Chandelier
Nicole Teacup
Nicole Chandelier
Nicole Bed Chest
Nicole Dresser
Nicole Lingerie Ches
Nicole Make-Up Tray
Nicole Candle 1
Nicole Candle 2
Nicole Roses
Nicole Chair
Primitive Doily – Sold separately

+Half-Deer+ –  Love Wood Sign

tarte. – Boho Palm & Plant Stand

DaD Virtual LivingClimbing Ivy

Hive – Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Ariskea – Japanese Prele

ionic – Tinaja

Barnesworth Anubis – Haight Apartment Skybox

Rest & Refresh 4K

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