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The Arcade is in its last days for this month so I wanted to show you some of the items I got there, combined with the new 8f8 items from Uber

Anc Floating flower, for Uber! Escape gacha Ruin and fence (rare), Table, Chair, for The Arcade

Ayla Homegrown gacha Birdhouse lamp, for The Arcade

Dahlia Berries and cream gacha Swiss role, Strawberry milk, Cupcake, Waffles, Tart, for The Arcade

Dustbunnie Strawberry planter

8f8 Driftwood III collection Nice Catch, Creating memories and Frutti di Mare, for Summerfest Unimaginable sadness, groupgift, Paint me summer gacha Seagulls

Plaaka Tea time in the forest gacha Victorian folding table, MossTablemat, Tea pink, MixedBerry Pancakes, Raspberry Glass, Blueberry Cup, TotempoleLamp Owl, -High and -Low, for The Arcade

Razor bird Junk windchime

Serenity Style Deap ocean gacha Bottles and Shell bucket


The landscape

Landscaping by Felix Mesh beach building set #5, Mesh beach dune #5

TM creations 16m Rocks Barrier Line Waves Foam

Studio Skye Water system


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