Small cafe at town square

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Residential building and Store with step facade, new release for Fameshed!

Red brick cafe building Updated version with terras and terras tiles), fully furnished decor items used: Vintage Bar, Chalk board, Cafe table, Stage with lights, Frames, Curtain, Awning with text.

for all info on the Cafe see

Red Brick Cafe Building

for all info on Bar, Stage, Tables see

thank you Froukje ❤


AE Cobblestone pavement set

Apple Fall Terracotta vessels, for Fameshed, Lemonade pitcher and glass,  Period coffee table, Reclaimed glass display, Georgian dollhouse, Canvas rack, China cabinet, Victorian washbasin, Antique ladder with heart string

Ariskea Kitchens favs decor set, for Fameshed, Succulent stone pot, for Anthem, Vintage mannequin

The Black forest  Morris column ad board

Concept Medina gacha Bench (rare)

Dahlia July platter (Colab with Madras), Vintage memories gacha Ballet stool, Emilia gacha Mirror gold

DRD Boho garden party Sidetable A and Vase, for Fameshed

Dust Bunny Paradise plants Monstera plant with lights and Fan palm for Fameshed, Sloth planter

8f8 Art of Nature gacha Cube of flowers  

Fancy decor Dutch Tulipiere, Dutch tile, Flora bowl

Fd Cat standing

Hive Nanna’s natter gacha Antique sign

Ionic Fountain tiled, N&keys, Hanging blankets, Courtyard scene (rare), Rooftop & chimneys

Isabelleize Street elements city decor bike rack, bikes and trash used

Jian Gorky sleepy boy, groupgift

Junbug Wall decal Ode to a nightingale, old gift

Kalopsia Shape lamp

Knoworks Sim edge filler houses

Kofpkino Ladies table

Kraftwork Melly boho set Shelves, for Fameshed, Infinity farm Paintings and Bar, Amazonia Feather headdress stand and frame, The traveling bookseller gacha Boxes with books

Little Branch Golden birch, groupgift

Lode Carnation bowl, for Shiny Shabby 

Maru Kado Mannequin gacha Sheep and Rabbit

Nutmeg Delicate glamour gacha Plain full tray, Empty tray plain and flowers, Pitcher, Jewelry box silver, French cafe Tea rack, Paintings Getaway gift, Romanov Fine china Plates, Chalises, Antique dinerwear tray

Papermoon Pale rose decor set Poster, old hunt gift, Vintage board games Pachici #1, Nantucket gacha Harbour bell steel, The Essex plaque, Shipwreck of Nantucket by William Bradford and Young America by Antonio Jacobson

Plaaka Green shelf set Water pipe vases, for Anthem

Razor bird Theater seats

Scarlet Creative Sunday dining Chairs used

Serenity style Blooming farm kitchen stuff gacha Cupboard (rare) and Basket

Sese Outdoor kitchen gacha Flower rack, Worktop & sink

Seven emporium Pop machine

Tia Glass dome with war letters

Thor Raising Sun gacha Service Table, Rising sun bench

Vespertine Monkey mask vine monstera, Thrift store giraffe planter pencil cactus/color





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