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Azul Ayshah gown, new pre-release with 6 exclusive colors for Sense! shown in jade and catseye! and boots used from Viivi in gold! thank you Mami ❤


Jumo Lucy lips BOM used, new release for The Makover Room! thank you June ❤

Zibska Lalli eyecolor BOM used, new release for Anybody! thank you Zib ❤


Beusy Vida with flowers

Evermore Floral regen in blue

Izzie’s Metalic floral tattoo in gold

Limerence Rosalie hair flowers in white

Tableau Vivant Editorial Summer hairplay gacha Chinook in blonds


shot on location at Grauland



via I rather be overdressed!

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I don’t paint the world i see, i paint the world i feel.

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via I rather be overdressed!

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