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This post is for you guys – I don’t feel like posting this to Flickr. I MAY post it to Facebook. Haven’t made up my mind yet.

Pants & Top – Ghee Curves Set
Hair: #Foxy – Vixen. (M)
Shoes:  N-core MINERVA “Fatpack” for Maitreya
Jewels: Chop Zuey
Cat Royale – Bracelet
Suo Gan Earrings A
Backpack: Mug – Carly Backpack – Rigged
Pose: FOXCITY. Soulfood
Backdrop (modded) – HERA – Balloon Backdrop Group Gift
CAZIMI: Bombshell Reds Lipstick (Catwa)
CAZIMI: Parfait Nail Appliers (Maitreya)

I have a story to tell about the outfit I am wearing.

Towards the end of July, I saw the following photo:

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My friend Jonelle had this cool athleisure outfit on.  I was like “Wow! Where did she get that from?” And I saw that it was from Ghee, a store that we both blog for. So I messaged her and told her that she looked great in the photo. She was like yeah, I’m a little late in blogging the outfit. I said you’re a little late, but I don’t know when that was released. Now remember in July I had all of the things happening, so anything that happened in SL before the 23rd or something like that is a blur to me. She said to check out Jeanie’s post for more information.

So I go to my friend Jeanie’s Flickr.

LOTD 1359 - Focus

Ah – it was at Designer’s Showcase. So now I started digging through my inventory to see did I get the package. Yes – I picked it up! So I immediately started working on a photo for it.  It really felt like a present that I didn’t know that I had. To think that I had almost missed this – for shame!

So I actually took my photo on August 4th. So, why did it take me so long to post it? And why did I basically take August off from blogging?

The issues with my computer had gotten so bad that it was hard for me to stay online longer that 10 minutes at a time. And I could no longer run SL…my whole computer would just lock up. Now some people would say why did I not just take it in a long time ago. It was because when I was taking it in back in 2015, I kept on getting told that it was a software issue. So I didn’t have much faith that anyone could help me. Also, it costs money for me to safely transport my computer around because I don’t have a car, and I don’t have a sturdy case for me to take a chance on public transportation.

I paid for expedited service, and 12 hours later the technician confirmed it was definitely something wrong with the CPU and motherboard. He saw the service sticker on my tower and asked had I brought in before. And I told him all the times I had brought it in. I believe it was only checked in once after I purchased it though. He waived his service fee, got $30 off the parts that needed replaced, and got a huge discount off of my water cooler (he said the pump had broken, which was causing the overheating). Craig basically saved the rep of Microcenter, because I felt helpless for a long time to change my situation. I was seriously regretting paying so much for a “custom” build that  didn’t feel like a custom build.

When I did get the computer back. I spent a good week testing it out before I declared that everything was fine. I did take a break from blogging because I didn’t want to worry about deadlines or have a similar situation that happened in July.

So overall, last month became a very productive month once I finally had a stable rig. It was truly something magical. I plan to continue this momentum to this month.

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