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Featuring KOPFKINO, Rise Design and StunnerOriginals

If nothing ever
changed, there would
be no such things as

– Wendy Mass –

Hi everyone!  As you can see I am back earlier than anticipated and I find it a little ironic that while I was going to be talking a bit about change in this post I received this beautiful butterfly necklace and as the butterfly undergoes an incredible metamorphosis, so must each of us make changes of our own. 

Before my short blogging break I had posted a blog talking about having to step down from blogging for some of my sponsors because I needed to balance some real life responsibilities and make some time for a Second Life project I was working on.  I can now reveal what that project was.  I was in training to become a Seraphim blogger and am happy and excited to say that I passed and am now an official blogger for Seraphim.  I haven’t done an actual feature on the Seraphim website yet but with a few events assigned to me in early February I have been using my time to practice, practice and practice some more.  Now that I have a good feel for the basics under my belt I wanted to get back to my own blog and show off all the pretty stuff that I have been seeing released by my sponsors.  I won’t know until I actually blog my first few Seraphim events if I will need to make more changes regarding how I manage my time but for now, let’s get back to it! 

Today I am featuring a new pose from Kopfkino.  This one is from the Dahlia set which features 5 kneeling bento poses and their mirrors.  You can find the set at the mainstore.

Both of my next items are currently at the new round of The Liaison Collaborative.  The beautiful Checkma Necklace is from Rise Design and includes a hud with texture options on the metal and the stones.  Staying with the lovely green color palette, I am wearing the Triumph Eyeshadow from StunnerOriginals.  It comes in options for most heads as well as Omega and BOM.  The Liaison Collaborative had a new starting date (the 18th) for this round that will continue for all future rounds.  Happy shopping!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Summer Day (gacha)

Body & Face Beach Sand – Izzie’s

Eyeshadow – StunnerOriginals – Triumph Eyeshadow @ The Liaison Collaborative

Necklace – Rise Design – Checkma Necklace @ The Liaison Collaborative

Swimsuit – Addams – Leticia Swimsuit


Sway’s – [Shell] Beach Shells

The Little Branch – Sago Palm Tree – Animated

Las Islas – Naupaka


KOPFKINO – Dahlia – Pose 3

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