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Hair: Tableau Vivant – MinaPina –  Kustom9

Dress: Elven Elder – Natal plum – Tres Chic

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Kick Up Some Sand

Featuring Lyrium and CandyDoll I took advantage of yesterday’s post and used the beach build to capture this warm weather look featuring CandyDoll and Lyrium. The Ayashe Blouse and Shorts are available at the main store and the shorts come in solids or patterns as well as options for the trim on the shirt and… Continue reading Kick Up Some Sand

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-.On me.-Hair: DOUX - Boyfriend hairstyleTop: Scandalize. Erikeha. @Vanity Event New!Short: Scandalize. Erikeha. @Vanity Event New!Shirt: Scandalize. Erikeha. @Vanity Event New!Pose: <K&amp...

Celebrate Yourself

People grow and change all the time. I’ve always hated hearing someone say that people don’t change, because they most certainly do. And a lot of us need to. If people never changed, we would never progress in life. But its more than that. We change at different paces and in different directions. This is […]
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