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The NITROGEN in our DNA.
The CALCIUM in our teeth.
The IRON in our blood.
The CARBON in our apple pies
were made in the interiors
of collapsing stars.

We are made of STAR STUFF.

– Carl Sagan –

Today I am featuring the newest gacha collection from ionic.  This is the Interdimensional Gacha and it is available at Equal10.  My mind was working double time trying to decide which direction this photo was headed.  I was reminded of a few Twilight Zone episodes and the movie Stargate.  I think I ended up somewhere in between.  The full set consists of 15 commons and two rare pieces.  Not all pieces shown here. You should definitely ” boldly go where no man has gone before” and head to Equal10….ok, so maybe you won’t be the first…but just go check it out.  Afterall, teleportation is a real thing in Second Life.



ionic @ Equal10

ionic : Andromeda (Pillar) – Dark
ionic : Andromeda (Pillar) – White
ionic : Energy source stone – Dark
ionic : Energy source stone – Light
ionic : Interdimensional Portal – RARE
ionic : Moon Altar (Gold)
ionic : Moon Altar (Silver)
ionic : Remains of another world – Dark
ionic : Remains of another world – Light
ionic : Staff Gate Protection (Silver)
ionic : Teleportation Pyramid – RARE


HPMD* Garden Tree10 – A
HPMD* Bright Particle

[TUFF] – Stone Steps

{anc} – Shooting Star – Orange

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