Suga How you get so fly?

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Cause I’m a basketball playing flygirl…mmhhmm

The 90s for me were my childhood. I was born in 91′ so I don’t really recall much of the fashion if any! I mean I’m pretty sure my mom dressed me so how much fashion sense could I really have? Alas, it was still fun to go to this retro 90s event. Saw a lot of cool stuff I wanted but didn’t get cause I wasn’t sure where to put it. Ha!  ♥ Aly

Hair: !Oleander – Clio in color Shortbread (gacha) at !Oleander

Outfit: .miss chelsea. – Remy Dress in Black at Rewind! To the 90s

Kneepads: .miss chelsea. – Remy Kneepads at Rewind! To the 90s

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