The Faint Scent of Autumn Came in on the Breeze

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The Faint Scent of Autumn Came in on the Breeze

Featuring ionic

I am really starting to get excited about Autumn and I can feel the urge to show that in my photos.  I feel like it’s still a bit early so I am trying to slowly ease into it with this photo.  In the US pre-Covid, most of the schools in the south would be back in session so I imagine that a few of the seasonal beach houses have started making preparations to wrap things up.  That is what I imagined for this photo.  The colors of summer are starting to give way to the orange and yellows of Fall and just a couple of chairs remain on the beach, a couple on the porch and the wildlife is feeling braver to explore as a new quiet settles in.

I’m ready to go!  Who’s with me?




ionic : Fuse Box
ionic : The Shore House – RARE
ionic : Beach chair
ionic : Beach toilet (blue tones)
ionic : Faro
ionic : Good dogs Welcome!
ionic : Lifesaver
ionic : Shore fence
ionic : Shore light pole
ionic : Shore path (curve)
ionic : Shore path (straight)
ionic : Summer Flags
ionic : Sun beach Sign

|T|L|C| Home Collection – Pelican Animated

{Old Barn Door} – Adirondack Chair


HPMD* Garden Tree05 – Brown
HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights – Green

Studio Skye

Skye Cuesta Rock
Skye Pebble Beach
Skye Wild Grass Type 1 Dry

Heart Garden Center 

Heart – WildGrasses – Fescue – Autumn
Heart – Wildflowers – Echinacea – Harvest Moon 1
Heart – Wildflowers – Fly Honeysuckle Bush – Autumn Yellow
Heart – Wildflowers – Mayapple – Autumn

The Faint Scent of Autumn Came in on the Breeze


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